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D3200 Long Exposure-best Settings?

Sun Mar 31, 2013 1:23 pm

Hey guys, Ive been playing around with my new 3200 here in Shibuya and I found that I need to do a lot of tinkering to get the amount of light during long exposures down a bit. I've had issues as well with ambient light from around where I am.

Before I take this thing to HND for some night photos, I wanna know your opinions for the settings on my 3200 when I'm shooting long exposure. How do I adjust the aperture settings on this thing as well? Unfortunately they gave me the Japanese manual and my reading skills suck.
Also if you took any long-ex photos with a 3200 (either on this site or flickr or not posted anywhere, etc) please show me.

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RE: D3200 Long Exposure-best Settings?

Mon Apr 01, 2013 7:10 am

Hey Zach,

I don't own a D3200( my camera bag is a Nikon free zone) but to reduce the light input you can close the aperture down or use neutral density filters(or simply shorten the exposure time)

To answer your how to adjust the aperture .. google is your friend!!

Oh did I not answer the question about settings to use for night or long exposure shots... that might be because there is no answer... no single answer any way.


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