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HKG - AF Morning Flight Shooting

Thu May 09, 2013 8:56 am

Hello all!

One of my friends is performing is farewell flight on AF to HKG in 2 weeks, arriving early morning in HK. I would like to take pictures of that flight from HK Airport

I am a photographer, but wouldn't call myself a spotter, hence I would need your recommendations in order to catch that plane arriving in HKG.

I guess it really depends which side of the runway it will land, according to the wind. Sometimes, you can catch nice shots from the airport departure entrance directly. However, most of the times, planes land on the other side.

-> how can I know in advance which runway/side the plane will land?
-> is there a good spotting area if the plane lands on the opposite side of the airport departure entrance?

Your advises will be much welcome!


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