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Sydney Airport - Photo Competition

Mon Jul 29, 2013 7:55 am


To celebrate the arrival of the first commercial flight of a B787 in Australia, Sydney Airport will hold a photography competition from Saturday 27 July to Thursday 8 August 2013.

To enter, share a photo on Twitter or Instagram, or a video on Vine of a colourful livery or an inaugural flight at Sydney Airport using the hashtag #SYDspotting.

Alternatively, upload your photo using the button below or email them to sydneyairport.sydspotting@pixlee.com.

Members of the general public will be invited to vote for their favourite entries. The 10 entries that receive the highest number of public votes will be referred to a panel at Sydney Airport to select two winning entries. The winners will be announced no later than Monday 12 August 2013 when the two winners will be invited to photograph the arrival of the B787 on Friday 30 August 2013.

Entries must be received by 23:59 on Thursday 8 August 2013 to be considered. Maximum of five entries per person. Please note the terms and conditions, which form part of the competition.

Site: http://www.sydneyairport.com.au/corp...unity/photography-competition.aspx
Terms & Conditions: http://www.sydneyairport.com.au/corp...petition/terms-and-conditions.aspx

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RE: Sydney Airport - Photo Competition

Mon Jul 29, 2013 9:00 am


Let me ask the question here, as the matter was raised over at Facebook.

Colorful liveries = Special liveries, right? Or any airline's that has a vibrant scheme ie. Scoot, AirAsia X etc?

Many FB members are puzzled how standard liveried photos are making it in the competition. If the rules are relaxed, then it is good & clear for myself too.
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RE: Sydney Airport - Photo Competition

Mon Jul 29, 2013 11:08 am

Quoting henkita217 (Reply 1):

Well let's get this straight.. A Singapore Airlines 777-200ER shot with a digital camera is neither special nor an inaugural so it should be removed from leading the 'votes'!!
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RE: Sydney Airport - Photo Competition

Sat Aug 10, 2013 3:09 am

Um, I think you're mistaken. Clearly the public, like that photo and the overwhelming response is that it's a very good photo. I know you are jealous, but CLEARLY the public DO NOT AGREE with you.

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