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Advice On Airside Spotting At Western USA Airports

Tue Jul 30, 2013 7:32 pm

Hi folks,

I'm planning a little air/rail photography trip for myself in late September. I have almost complete flexibility as to where I go, but one thing I'd like to get (if I can) is a really good airside photo of a 787.

I've done my research, and I know I can find 787 flights out of SEA, SJC, IAH, DEN, LAX and SAN. What I don't know is how difficult it would actually be to take a decent photo of the aircraft at these airports. For example, if I was to fly in or out of Terminal A at SJC, is the gate area for the ANA flight separated in some way from the rest of the terminal, which would prevent me from walking up to the glass and taking a photo? Those kind of details are what I'm looking for.

Please note that I am only talking about airside photography. I don't have a good enough telephoto lens to get a decent shot from outside an airport's perimeter.

If anyone has insights about any of these 6 airports, and specifically where I would track down the 787, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks!!!


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