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Cockpit Shots?

Mon Nov 04, 2013 1:46 am


I took a picture of the Piper Archer cockpit that I flew yesterday, and what are the general rules to get a cockpit shot on here?
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RE: Cockpit Shots?

Mon Nov 04, 2013 3:53 am

Cockpit shots aren't too different from normal shots - quality and sharpness must be there, and the photo must be leveled using either the aircraft or the horizon. Pilots can be included, as long as they don't detract significantly from the motive of the photo. I would aim to include the whole panel, or a decent-sized portion of it. Close-ups of individual instruments generally aren't easy to get accepted, unless it's a PFD or other instrument with plenty of information visible.

The biggest concern with flight decks is getting the exposure correct between the inside and outside of the aircraft. The tendency of many photographers is to expose for the interior of the plane with natural light, which often results in a very overexposed scene through the windows. Fill flash will help with this problem on bright days.
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RE: Cockpit Shots?

Mon Nov 04, 2013 9:03 am

Hi Coln, here is a link to all (26308) cockpit photos already in the database:

You might as well could post your photo in the feedback forum to get some hmmm feedback

I hope this helps.
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