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Wed Apr 25, 2012 1:41 pm

Hello, my name is Gabriel and I´m an Argentinian photographer. First of all, sorry for my English, it´s basic. This morning, one of my pictures was rejected because of the fact that I completed the location name in this form: city - airport name (argentinian authorities identification code). The point is the following: some smalls aiports in Argentina don´t have IATA or ICAO code, for this reason, I usually complete the airport information using the argentinian authorities identification code. Using this proccedure, I could upload a lot of photos, and accepted this information, when included in its list the folowing airport: General Rodriguez - Ildefonso Durana (GEZ), where "GEZ" is the argentinian identification code. In this case, my rejected photo, used the same name structure: Canals - Club de Planeadores Canals (CNS).

I can´t understand why, in the past, I could upload a lot of photos using this procedure and now the photos was rejected.

Somebody can help me?

Thanks and best regards from Argentina.

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RE:´s Rules: Location

Wed Apr 25, 2012 3:54 pm

Hi, if you click on one of the help links on the upload page, you will find the rules for location info:

Use the format:
Cityname followed by space dash space, the airport name, and between brackets the IATA/FAA code, space slash space, and the ICAO code, e.g. "Amsterdam - Schiphol (AMS / EHAM)". Do not add the word "Airport" or "Airfield".

Local airport identifiers (as in Argentina) should thus not be used.

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