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A Couple Pre Screens

Tue Nov 20, 2012 2:01 am

Hey guys,

Have a couple that I wouldn't mind a little feedback on before uploading,

LAN 787 Head-on, there is some heat haze on the ground but I don't see it affecting the aircraft at all. Any others agree?-

Head-on with a QX Q400 just after it arrived into SMF-

Just a QF A332-

MD-80 at LAS, should I crop it in more or does it work cause I am showing off the jetblast distorting the strip as part of the scene?-

Blue Angels Solo cross-

And last this shot of Alaska's new 900ER about to be pulled out the hanger-

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RE: A Couple Pre Screens

Tue Nov 20, 2012 3:26 am

787 - you might want to brighten up the shadows.. And a bit of grain in the sky is coming through. But the darkness just seems to be overpowering to me

Dash 8 - could brighten this one up a little too.

QF - seems ok apart from some splotches in the sky above the plane.. And maybe a little high in frame.

AA MD - I'd be inclined to center it a bit better (left and down) and crop a bit tighter.. I believe it'll still have the same effect even if it was more tightly cropped.

Blue Angels - not too sure but it seems ok.. Maybe a bit soft in places but part of that might be a bit of motion blur and I don't know how it's treated..

AS - A bit high in frame to me, seemingly needs a bit of CCW. I'd sharpen the wings a little more too.

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