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Post Screening (Chuck9941)

Mon Dec 03, 2012 7:03 am

Would like some more feedback on these recent rejections.

Rejected for grainy. I'm guessing on the green paint? I've looked over some of the other shots in the db and it seems to be consistent with those accepted. Keeping in mind this shot is from 4 years ago while the others are more current.

Rejected for colour. Suggestions on how to fix? Looking through the db it seems there are many variations in the color/shades of blues on this livery.

Rejected for colour. Commented 'red color.' Would this be an easy fix? I'm not sure I see a color cast, is it slight? I do know the fuselage looks pretty white to me and the nose is borderline overexposed for me. A little more guidance would be a help.

These two were rejected for centered with the comments being high in frame. I'm getting a little confused here as I've recently make some comments in the feedback forum about some shots maybe being high of low in frame which seemed to be composed in a similar fashion only to read additional comments from a screener that they looked good in frame. I know there's been much discussion on centering and it can have some variance from person to person. In these instances I've centered the a/c to not just the fuselage but also including the gear. Are they worthy of appeal or just try to re-crop?

Thanks for the help.
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RE: Post Screening (Chuck9941)

Mon Dec 03, 2012 8:06 am

1. The underbelly around the main gear seems a bit grainy - maybe darken that up a little? Also the sky could be marginally grainy too.

2. A bit of red/magenta coming through.

3. Hmm, TN seemed quite a bit more red than this one.. Colour is fairly easy to fix; much easier to fix if you shoot in RAW. Just make sure you don't overtweak it or you'll end up with a green tint. Use the eyedropper to confirm that the whites are showing up with equal levels of R, G and B.

Center - base it on the top point and bottom point of the fuselage, well use that as a starting reference point; rather than your method of adding the wheels into the equation too. The first of those certainly looks too high - look at the image and see how much deadspace there is. I'd also give the last one a bit more sharpening.

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RE: Post Screening (Chuck9941)

Mon Dec 03, 2012 9:23 am

Quoting chuck9941 (Thread starter):
Rejected for grainy.

A bit flat, but don't think noise is a big issue.

Quoting chuck9941 (Thread starter):
Rejected for colour.
Quoting chuck9941 (Thread starter):
Rejected for colour. Commented 'red color.'

First is slightly red, second is fine.

Quoting chuck9941 (Thread starter):
These two were rejected for centered

Both just a touch high.

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