Trip Report On SQ Part Two

Thu Aug 17, 2000 3:14 pm

Well, here is Part Two of my trip report!

June 20 1999 0800 hrs

Checked out of Tokyo Hilton and boarded the airport shuttle.The driver said that we would be arrving at 10 am, just in time for check-in for our 12 noon flight.Along the way,we passed a lot of Tokyo landmarks, the Tokyo Tower and Disneyland ect ect........

0935 hrs

Arrived at the airport!! 25 minutes earlier than expected.We checked in, got seat 62A and set off to the restaurants to grab a quick meal before boarding the plane.

1000 hrs

We were sitting in McDonald's eating our burgers and that was when I first noticed the vast improvement of Terminal 1 since I went there on transit in 1998 en-route to LAX and PHX.

1030 hrs

Took some pictures of the airport and then proceeded for the departure hall.

1115 hrs

Still waiting in line for passport checks and man, the queue is long!I was getting worried that we could not board the flight.

1130 hrs

At the gate waiting to board the aircraft.We boarded and the plane was 9V-SMC, the same plane that I took to KIX!Boarded the plane and got to our seat.

1205 hrs

Pushback and taxied to the runway for takeoff.We lifted and soon we were in the clouds at 35,000 feet.Stewardesses came out and started to serve lunch.Some yukky noodle I suppose.

1705 hrs

Started descent into Runway 20L.Captain came on and said we would be reaching in another 30 minutes.Stewardesses came and collected headphones.

1735 hrs

We could see over Johor now that we were nearing the airport.We landed with a bump and taxied to Gate F59 yet again.We went through immigration, and parents went to the duty-free shop to get some beer and wine.After that,we got our luggage and walked to the carpark to get our car, a Nissan Altima.

Thats the end of my report, hoped you liked it.



RE: Trip Report On SQ Part Two

Thu Aug 17, 2000 6:59 pm


Are you from Singapore???I am......if yes,can you e-mail me so maybe we can go to the airport together???

e-mail me at

RE: Trip Report On SQ Part Two

Fri Aug 18, 2000 4:37 pm

Yes,I from SIN, you can email me but I will only be free during Sept. holidays


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