Thu Aug 24, 2000 3:54 am

My last trip had some crazy routing, but that just meant I got to do more flying  

First, I flew on my airline of choice (UAL) from LAX to DEN (747-400) where I met a friend who would be traveling with me. Usually I'd just use an employee pass for my whole trip, but because I was traveling with a regular passenger I chose to bite the bullet and purchase a normal ticket on BA.

From DEN to Gatwick (LGW) we had another -400. I must say that BA has great service. On that flight, we went up to the cockpit where we chatted with the pilots for about 30 mins.

After arriving into LGW, we took the connecting bus (free to connecting passengers) to LHR. After spending the night at the airport Hilton (as BA had our flight to SVO not 'till the next morning) we flew on a 767-300 to SVO.
Our flight was so empty that each person could have about 3 rows to himself.
The agents must have been having an especially good day that morning because they even put us - and other y-class passengers into biz-class for free. I don't think anyone was in coach on that flight. Even the F/A's allowed people to move up from the rear of the plane.

The same happened on our return flight from SVO to LHR. (767-300)

When it fnally came time to get back to the USA, we tried to move our BA tickets forward by a couple of days. This is allowed with no penalty provided the flight is not full. Sure enough, the flight was full and we were told we could stand by for the 1 flight a day from LGW to DEN.

Not only did I not feel like going back out to LGW - and to stand by for a flight I would probably not even get on, I just wanted to fly straight home to LAX. Thats when I decided to go home on UAL on a pass and to use a companion pass for my friend.

I also decided to go via JFK to visit friends.
I got my friend on a UAL 777 non-stop to LAX. She even got biz-class.

I stood by for my UAL 763 to JFK on which I too got biz class.

Meeting my friends didn't work out, so I flew home to LAX on the same flight just a few hours later- but that time I was lucky enough to get f-class.

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Fri Aug 25, 2000 7:50 am

good report! you really got lucky about flying biz and first class!
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Fri Aug 25, 2000 8:11 am

Whats SVO?


Fri Aug 25, 2000 8:18 am

SVO = Moscow, Russia

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