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This trip is from back in July, but seeing that I won't be flying for at least the next few months, I've decided to post a report anyway.

JULY 5 2000:
Flew CO to Newark. Flight left around 3:00, on a Boeing 737-700. When I first saw the plane, I was ticked off because it seemed like every plane I was on was a 737. My frustration didn't last long. The 737-700 is a great aircraft. Pushback was delayed for about 20 minutes because they couldn't find out where the plane came, so customs had to clear things up. Takeoff roll was short, and the climb was quite steep. I don't see much of a reason for this, seeing that IAH is surrounded by nothing but trees. Once we were at cruising altitude, they F/A's came by with drinks/snacks. The snack was a bbq sandwitch. It was pretty good, but not very filling. Shortly after, they came around selling headphones for the movie. I found headphones on my seat, so I didn't have to pay for them. Hehe. The approach was dull, as it took us over eastern New York State, and we really didn't get to see much besides Newark, which is not the pretties of cities. After touchdown, we waited for about 30 minutes before a gate became available at EWR. We arrived around 7:00 local time, rush hour at EWR. I saw lots of foriegn aircraft: Alitalia A300 or A310, BA 747-200, AF 747-200, Aer Lingus A330, and a few others.

JULY 9, 2000:
After a nice visit to New York City, it was time to head back home. This time, our flight to IAH was on a 757. I was quite excited, for this was my first time on a 757. I love the 757. Flight was delayed out of EWR by about 10 minutes because the inbound crew hadn't arrived. We boarded the plane, and shortly after, we were in the typical aircraft gridlock of EWR. It was a gray and overcast day, which made the takeoff a bit bumpy. The 757 sounds and feels like a big jet, but it has the interior of a small jet. The roar of its engines was powerful. The plane shot forward. It was exciting/terrifying at the same time. The jet rocketed off the runway, and headed staright into the clouds. Engines still roaring. Once we were airborne, we were served a drink and a turkey sandwitch. Once again, the sandwitch wasn't filling. I still had the headphones I found on the previous flight, so I watched the movie for free (hehe). I'm not paying $4. The movie was Erin Brokovitch. It was good. By the time it was over, we were already descending. The flight was really bumpy. I didn't mind. It added some thrill. We arrived in Houston on time, even though we left late. We picked up our bags and headed home, ending our vacation in NYC.

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