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Wed Aug 30, 2000 12:10 am

On 8/25, my two friends and I departed New Orleans for Las Vegas, on Delta, via Salt Lake City. All flights were on Boeing 757's, in the "old, old, black nose" colors. We returned on 8/27.


We departed MSY on-time at 6:50pm. There was only about 85 people in coach, so that meant no one sat next to me. It is a nice surprise to get on a non-full flight these days. The flight was pretty good. I sat in row 40. Window seat of course. We saw a movie called "Where The Money Is" starring Paul Newman. It was pretty good. Service consisited of a snack.....deli sandwhich, chips, apple, and cookies. It was not Sky Deli. Duration of the flight was three hours. Overall grade for this flight: B It would have been an A, but I had to ask for my second drink.


This flight was totally full. While on board, before we pushed back, the lights went out, and the emergency lights over the exists went on. It stayed this way for like 5 minutes. It got really hot, as you can imagine. We pushed back from the surprisingly nice SLC terminal and departed on the 1-hour flight to Vegas. Flight was pretty bumpy on climbout. We got row 30, A, B, and C. Service was your choice of 3 beverages, and a snack mix. Got a good view of the strip on approach. Overall grade: C+


We were all kinda depressed that our vacation had come to an end. This flight was extremely bumpy, and it was completely full. The seatbelt sign was on for the whole flight, so we did not get any service from the F/A's whatsoever. Not one drink, not a bag of peanuts, nothing. It was unusual. Our approach into SLC was a nice one, flying over all of the mountains and then the lake. We touched down early at 7:15pm. Overall grade: C


This flight only had about 50people on it. One of the passengers was the actor Danny Glover, from the oh-so-wonderful Leathal Weapon movies. We departed on-time at 8:25pm. Climb-out was bumpy, due to low clouds. The flight was very nice overall, as I had a whole row to myself. The service was very good....more personalized service. I had a few cans of Diet Sprite, but I passed on the movie they showed called "The Skulls". I just sat back and enjoyed the flight.....I realy love to fly. We landed on-time at 12:40am. Overall grade: A

This trip was a very nice one. We had lots of fun in Vegas, and the flights were typical Delta. I was kinda tired of 757's after the trip though.

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Wed Aug 30, 2000 11:16 pm

Did you even get an autograph from Danny Glover? Or talk to him at all?

He must have been in firstclass!
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Thu Aug 31, 2000 4:19 am

I was going to get his autograph, then I noticed that he was on crutches with a cast on his leg. I did not feel like bothering him, although I'm sure he would have gave me one. Yes, he was one of the pass. in first class, and on the way past him, I said "I love your work". He smiled and said "Thank you."


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