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Sun Sep 03, 2000 7:52 am

I was in Calgary for a meeting on Sunday evening and upon our return, decided to abduct one of our Calgarian friends and bring him back to Edmonton with us... heck, he didn't have anything to do the next day so why not?

My friend and I spent the day putzing around Edmonton and at about 5:00pm, I asked him how he wanted to go home. He said he'd fly and I thought to myself that it was such a good idea that i'd join him!

I called a friend of mine in Calgary and she said she'd come pick me up and I could spend the night at her place. I then threw a few things in a bag and called Canadian to find out what time the next shuttle was. The next one I could catch was at 7:30pm, with the next one not until 8:45pm.

We hopped in the truck and hauled a$$ out to the airport. We got to the parkade at 7:12, but still thought we'd have a shot at getting on. Of course, Canadian being the great airline that they are (even though they're being taken over by big bad Air Canada), they let us on.

About the only downer on Canadian Regional 1465 was that it was an F-28. We boarded and decided to take the first row of coach on the 3-seat side (which was empty) rather than our assigned seats of 12A and 12C... we ended up in 5D and 5F. We took off a few minutes late, but on a 30-minute flight, I didn't really care. The flight attendants came out with the usual selection of Orange or Apple juice, then followed with the snack tray. We landed on time at 8:10pm after a bumpy approach thanks to those Rocky Mountain winds.

I decided I would go back the next morning on AC1826 at 6:30am. My decision was based solely on the fact that the flight was operated by a BAe-146, because I will normally choose a CP-operated flight. I boarded at 6:20am and we were taxying by 6:25am. One thing that I noticed about the FAs were that they were more helpful than usual, especially on a morning flight on a business route. They actually came down the aisle and turned on the reading lights for those of us who were reading (there was some light in the cabin, but it was nice to have the light on). The flight was not too bad, although we were immersed in cloud for the most part. We arrived on time in Edmonton after a double landing (bounced due to super steep approach)

My next trip will be CP1392 to Fort McMurray next week. Cheers!

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