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Sun Sep 03, 2000 11:06 pm

COA flt. 1471
MD-80 N16813 row 25

Once again, Continental delivers classy and professional service. The 2nd
morning flight to EWR is operated with an MD-80. I was expecting a tiny
ATR-72; needless to say a pleasant surprise. The MD-80 is a very nice plane
on the inside. While 3-2, the seat pitch appears greater than on the 737 or
the 757; then again, no big surprise there. Or, maybe it's beacuse I'm not 6
feet tall? The flight was about 60% full. One flight attendant approached a
couple sitting behind us and invited them to sit closer to the front of the
main cabin to allow them to deplane first so they could make their tight
connection at EWR. Very nice. Push at 9:45am, wheels up 9:53 for an on time
arrival at 10:50am.

COA flt. 1031
dep. 12:10pm
MD-80 N77827 row 8

No problems here. Professional service and on time departure and arrival.
Lunch served with a second beverage service. 15 minute early arrival into
FLL. Wonderful. Everything a passenger in the main cabin could ask for.

--While in FLL, I had a family reunion in Orlando. Of course, I took the
opportunity to meet up with some buddies and we went spotting at MCO.
Unfortunately, the weather was not great and ended up spending some time
waiting for another buddy. I was, however, able to see the DL777 for the
first time with my own eyes, yes, for the first time. Old new colors though.
I did see the Saudi 744, which makes a trip down there from JFK a few times a
week during the summer. Was able to, however, get on some airplanes! I got
inside a Miami Air 727 (soon to be a freighter), a Britannia 767-300 (more on
that in a second), and a jetBlue A320. The Britannia 767-300 looks like a
sardine can waiting for the sardines to be packed in. Seat pitch is
unbelievable and non-existant. I guess that is what charters are really like.
The flight attendants were so bitchy too because two of us didn't have
badges, even though we were with some hot shot. One of my buddies almost got
pushed to the ground. Whoah. The captain was nice, though! And the jetBlue
320 was wonderful. The flight attendants look very sleek in their uniforms
and the pilots as well. I would love to fly them sometime soon. The leather
seats and nice and spacious too. Thanks to Brian for all that.--

COA flt. 1032
dep. 4:00pm

Again, on time departure, fast taxi to 9L. Spotted at FLL was one of the DL
757s in the new colors. I was mad I wasn't around to nail it. Fast climb and
we must have been speeding because we arrived into EWR 20 minutes early.

The early arrival was good though because it allowed me to go to the gates
around 86-88(?) to take some shots and observe early evening rush hour. Saw
the VS744 n/c (VHOT), TCA A319 again, DL 738, El AL 744 (-ELA), 2 BA777s
UnionJack and Rendez-vous, TAP310, CSA310, CO DC-10 with the AZ/CO stickers,
other regular Atlantic traffic, as well as a private 727-021, reg. N30MP,
owned by ICN Pharmaceuticals, Inc. built for PanAm. I managed to get one shot
of it. I hope it's ok. Also seen over by the hangers, a 757 with a maroon
bottom and cream colored top, and a white 737-200 with tiny titles that I
could not make out with my zoom. I believe Mike and Carlos saw it this past
week/end. I would love to go to EWR again and do some "shooting!"

COA flt. 1471
737-3Q8 N19382

On time departure, almost full flight. Though the gate agent in EWR had a
chip on her shoulder. With the most resentment I've ever heard, she said "3?"
as if she could not see three of us right in front of her, got flustered with
the three boarding passes and tickets and sent us on our way. Sheesh! Took us
20 minutes to lift off. It was pretty good considering all the slaps EWR has
been getting about increasing delays. We sat for about 10 minutes but then we
had a slow but steady roll towards 22L. Flight was all of 35 minutes with a
rough landing on 34 at PVD also 20 minutes early. This 737 had TV monitors
and a very new looking interior. Nice crew.

COA earns yet another A in my book. It's a pleasure to fly with them. Gordo
and his team are doing well.

Happy spotting!
Bonjour Chef!

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