Near Miss- 1985 Southen England...

Wed Sep 20, 2000 3:03 am

My name is Marc and I was born back in 1986, June to be more pricise. My mom, dad, grandad, and nan went on holiday to Austria in October 1985.

It was in Austria, in a inncocent little motel room that I was concived. We have proof of that from the doctors.

We all, including meself are lucky to be alive. Bacically, on the return flight home (which according to my family was like a fokker 50) we had to land in kent, UK in thick fog. As we approached a small air field in kent, which I can't remember the name of, the pilot announced to the speakers that we can't land at the air field because of the fog which developed very quickly through out the flight.

We were diverted to Stansed, UK but on approach, in the THICK fog came out a shadow, gradually getting closer, it got bigger, the pilot did say it might be a rough landing- but none of us knew what was coming.

We were on finals now for stansed, and that shadow I was talking about, was a high building, like a tower block. The plane was heading straight for it. The pilot done a sharp turn, and a steep climb. the passengers taken back by his actions.

We were cleared for emergency landing, and we touched down nice and safe. The pilot told us what happened as soon as we had stopped at the gate.

My mom thaught nothing of it untill some weeks later, she found out she was pregnant, with me, and when she concived.

She was taken back by the fact the she could have lost her life on that plane, along with her new unborn.

Fab story, heart warming, true.
Thank You,

Love never needs an explanation. Especially when your on a Fokker 50.

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