1/1/00 Trip

Tue Sep 26, 2000 8:12 am

First of all I had a 6:30 flight from KSBP to KLAX on United Express and remember this was on 1/1/00, so any way the co-pilot never showed up so the flight was CANCELLED! I managed to get to LAX by taking an American Eagle flight which I barely made. The flight was late to arrive because of weather problems. I am used to travelling between the UAL and DAL terminals at LAX because they're right next to each other. Anyway, I departed the AAL aircraft at their terminal which was half the airport away (KLAX is HUGE!), I got lost and finally made it to my gate only to realize that the aircraft a B757-200 departed 10 minutes ahead of time! So I requested another flight to TPA my final destination, but I would have to stop in ATL (I'm used to Hartsfield) and wait 5 hours in an airport with the airconditioning not working! Please note that in LAX I was treated badly by the Delta ticket agents. So finally, I made my flight in ATL to TPA with no problems in a mostly empty L1011-500. Thats Delta for you!!!

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