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Summer Of '99 On BA, UA, AZ,AC,IB

Fri Sep 29, 2000 12:26 am

Hi last summer I flew on five airlines on 16 separate flights, it was great! Here are the flights! If you have any questions regarding the service, the entertainment, seating confirguration, a message and I'll answer it!

1) British Airways, B777-200, Dubai-London Heathrow, Economy class

2) British Airways, B767-300, London Heathrow-Rome, Economy class

3) Alitalia, MD80, Rome-Venice, Business class

4) British Airways, B767-300, Venice-London Heathrow, Economy class

5) British Airways, B737-400, London Gatwick-Barcelona, Economy class

6) Iberia, B727-200, Barcelona-Malaga, Economy class

7) British Airways, B737-400, Malaga-London Heathrow, Economy class

8) British Airways, B747-200, London Heathrow-Vancouver, Economy class

9) Air Canada, A320-200, Vanouver-San Francisco, Economy class

10) United, B757-200, San Francisco-Orlando, Economy class

11) United, B727-200, Orlando-Denver, Economy class

12) United, B737-300, Denver-Las Vegas, Economy class

13) Shuttle By United, B737-500, Las Vegas-Los Angeles, Economy class

14) Air Canada, A320-200, Los Angeles-Montreal Dorval, Economy class

15) British Airways, B747-200, Montreal Dorval-London Heathrow, Economy class

16) British Airways, B777-200, London Heathrow-Dubai, Economy class

British was amazing, so was Air Canada the rest were ok except for United...If you have any questions ask!

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what a beauty!

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RE: Summer Of '99 On BA, UA, AZ,AC,IB

Fri Sep 29, 2000 1:15 am

How could you fly business class from Rome to Venice with Alitalia? There is no business class on AZ domestic flights, maybe your seat was a business class one. It often happens to fly on MD82s or Airbuses with business class seats even on domestic routes, sometimes I flew on them too, but service and fares are the same. I flew on those nice, large seats even when paying a student fare!
I hope with allthose flights you are at least member of some frequent flyer program!WOW!!!
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RE: Summer Of '99 On BA, UA, AZ,AC,IB

Fri Sep 29, 2000 12:21 pm

it seemed like a biz class to me, because there was a thin wall separatin our cabin from the economy cabin and the seats were much bigger and quite comfortable! Maybe I'm wrong, like you said they probably use biz class on european flights....

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