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Transavia Holland AGP-AMS-AGP

Mon Oct 02, 2000 10:04 pm

I flew on Transavia Holland on their Malaga-Amsterdam-Malaga route.

I was eager to fly with Transavia as I has not had not flown with them since 1979. I was pleased to see that
the aircraft allocated to the service was a B737-800, a new type for me. Imagine my dismay at the gate where I was faced with a rather dirty looking B757-200

The flight departed 30 mins late but we made up time in flight due to tail winds. The flight crew were very pleasant and showed exceptional service skills.

However the aircraft was in poor conditon and the wall panels and overhead panels were dirty. The meal was pretty disastrous too. The starter was chopped tomatoes and cucumber with no dressing. The main was made up of unappetising meat balls with mashed potato. All this followed by a dry muffin. By the way don't try and open up a Transavia hot meal without visiting the gym first!

Seat pitch was acceptable and the flight crew were attentive and kept us informed regularly of the flight's progress.

How refreshing it was to arrive at Schipol which is an excellent airport.

I had hoped that my return journey, which was a 0745 departure from AMS, was on the B737-800. This was confirmed by the KLM staff at check-in at Schipol.

Imagine my dismay when again the aircraft at the gate was a B757-200, so much for product knowledge KLM!
Our flight departed 45 mins late and this was not too bad had it not been for the awful aircraft we were on.

Judging from the garish bulkhead panels this B757 was ex Air Holland. It was filthy. The seats were worn and the seat pitch was laughable.

Again both the flight and cabin crew were excellent but did not make up for the sub-standard condition of the aircraft; I have not flown in such an old rustbucket for years!

It will be a while before I fly Transavia again.

RE: Transavia Holland AGP-AMS-AGP

Tue Oct 03, 2000 6:13 am

Good report. Atleast you mentioned the pros and cons for the airline. It is sad that an airline has a great staff but they can't even take a rag and some cleaning stuff to make the craft look a little nicer, ya know? Well thank you for your report.

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