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Future Of Air Travel

Thu Nov 02, 2000 5:06 pm

Hi! (Sorry this isn't a trip report. )
I was just thinking about Air Travel in the future and come up with this...
Firstly you'll arrive at the airport and with an eliminated check-in many years ago you basically swipe a universal air travel card and your on the plane. You'll then be shown to your seat.....

Future Economy...
From here you'll notice that Economy has basically turned into Business Class with 40in pitch+ etc. However you're PTV is no longer a PTV its a large screen computer basically controlling everything you want whether its champagne or assistance.

Future Business...
Business Class has now turned into virtually First Class Suites of present day and includes alot of comfort and service.

Future First...
I believe First Class will become very exclusive and include double bed options, full-service lounge area and bar. (Also maybe separate cabins may start appear with extreme privacy)

if there was a 4th would be between Econ & Bus.

if there was a 5th class.. it would be above First.

That's my predictions for Future air travel, ok maybe some parts are a bit far-fetched but I would interested to hear what you think?

Thanks, See ya!
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RE: Future Of Air Travel

Thu Nov 02, 2000 5:12 pm

This post should go over on the GenAv board. If it's not a trip report, then why post it over here?
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RE: Future Of Air Travel

Fri Nov 03, 2000 2:07 am

Nice visions, I certainly wouldn't object if they come true!  

Maybe some A3XX operators like Emirates or SIA can offer us some of the things you envisioned.

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RE: Future Of Air Travel

Sat Nov 04, 2000 4:13 pm

(NB. I know this is in the wrong forum, but it warrants a reply, i suppose in a way its a predictive trip report...)

Hmmm. It sounds very interesting, and very luxurious. However, what kind of price would people have to pay? remember, Business class seats take up more space, and hence you can fit less in a certain area. Simple arithmatic means that it will either have to be more expensive, fuel prices will have to be at an all time low, or aircraft will have to be ULTRA-efficient.

In the future, we will more than likely see First class improving onits current state, with Bars (hey Virgin are already there, with Upper Class, which is Business...!) and perhasps private bedrooms in the cargo hold.

Business class will basically be a watered down version of this with full flat seats (like [evil] BA's new business. But look at the tradeoff. Fuly flat seats, but 8 accross in a 777, not the standard 7. Give me wider recliners over a narrow bed any day...)

Economy will probably see a split into two, a superior economy, and a regular economy. Basically, superior will have better service, slightly more room, and its own cabin. Some airlines (Virgin, BA, United to name a few) already have this economy/business class. Something interesting I saw was in a PopularMechanics magazine a few months back. Economy class seatng where one row reclined flat, and the row beind lifted up on struts as it reclined, so that you have a double level sleeping arangement. It would be interesting to see how safe it would by (you wouldnt want to have someone come down on top of you!!!!) both in flight, and in terms of an accident. But it sounds like an interesting idea, and a smart use of space.

Well, thats just my $0.02
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