CAE - MEM -CAE 1979

Fri Nov 17, 2000 12:54 pm

June 4, 1979: Departed Columbia, SC on a Eastern DC-9 and flew to Atlanta. Deplaned via stairway to old terminal. Switched to Southern Airways Flight 469 which was a North Central DC-9. This was 26 days before the merger of the 2 carriers. Since I was 12, I was escorted to my connecting flight. We boarded outside once again! Gosh, I miss those days! The aircraft had just started its roll when we suddenly went back on a taxiway. Seems a Piedmont YS-11 was on final. We departed ATL and flew to Hunstville, Ala although it wasn't scheduled. Departed HSV and terminated at Memphis. Flew back to Columbia on June 16, 1979 via Delta 727 to Atlanta. I was picked up in a station wagon by Delta and transported to the Eastern Ramp where I boarded an Eastern DC-9 for the flight back to Columbia. Because Eastern discontinued service to Memphis earlier in the year I got to do the interline connection and the fact that my parents couldn't get through to the Delta reseravation number. It was a great time!

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