JetBlue JFK-PBI A320

Fri Nov 24, 2000 12:20 pm

I've been on JetBlue (B6) before, so I knew what to expect. JetBlue is fine, I won't sing its praises extravagantly like some on this board, but I'm sure they survive and prosper.

Anyway, I took flight 56 from JFK to PBI at 2 pm on Thanksgiving. Getting to JFK (my biggest fear) was surprisingly easy, about 20 mins from Manhattan, and no traffic at all. JFK is a mess though, Terminal Four is in the midst of construction, Air Train is being built, and much of the parking is torn up. Anyway, I was dropped off in front of Terminal Six, about 50 mins before the flight. Plenty of time. Terminal Six is a dump. It is kept very clean, but is inefficient, useless, and really spartan. The line moved well, there appeared to be several other flights to MCO and TPA taking off soon also, but I got to the agent quickly. She had me checked in very fast, middle seat unfortunately, (I noted dissapointingly later on the flight there was an emerg. row seat open), and we were set. As I began to walk away, I realized that I didn't want the middle seat sunday again, so I reapproached the counter and asked to get assigned an aisle seat for my return. The gate aggent acted very inconvienced, asked me twice what my name is, what my conf. # was and finnally when she did it, said "done." That was dissapointing.

Anyway, I found the rest of Terminal Six awful and a complete waiste of space. Besides the check-in counters and very small bathrooms upstairs, the entire front section of T6 is basically empty. There are chairs and lounges sitting empty. Really a very poor design. The other side was awful looking (early 70s and kind of dark) but I got a hot dog at Nathans cart.

Boaring was a mess. Basically, unorganized, rows 1-27 kind of thing. Had to wait 10 mins on the jetway. Luckily I had a seat upfront. FLight was fine, people next to me commented on how nice the plane was and what a good airline jetblue was. The guy next to me said TWA owned the planes and leased them to JetBlue. I couldn't help but smirk. Woman next to me had a dog and said she flew Spirit often before. (Same crowd, Spirit and B6, Spirit has LGA, B6 has TV).

I found the leather seats somewhat comfortable, but no legroom. Very very squished. Dissapointing. Plane was pretty though. I recognized the same FA Dewayne who had taken me to JFK last summer. We taxied to the south runway around Delta and T4. Saw a TW 757, lots of DL 767s, 2 NorthAm 757s, AWA A320, UA 767, and a Ghana Airways DC-10. Takeoff was fine.

TV was cool, big plus. Service was ok. I got 2 chocolate chip cookies and an OJ no ice, after first messing my order up and bringing me an apple juice with ice. I suggested to one of the FAs that JetBlue sell really good premade sandwiches like the Buzz and Go do. He responded that for the Cali flights they contemplated having a sort of pick up food bag on the jetway (like DL SkyDeli and AA BistroMeal) but dropped the idea. Landed on-time at PBI, nothing there except for a DL Md-80. JetBlue's PBI gate is one of the old TW gates.

Price: $146 o/w.

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