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Mon Nov 27, 2000 5:57 am

Friday November 17th
Continental Airlines Flight 54
Newark-Paris Charles de Gaulle
Y Class 22 B

Left home at about 6 30, arrived around 7 15. Neark is really conjested by motor vehicles, and the breakdown of the monorail isn't helping at all. Luckily, it wasn't that crowded and checked in for my 10 o clock flight. It was departing from Gate 122, which is the first part of the Global Gateway. It kept getting delyaed and we finally started boarding at around 10 30. It was really weird because they announced the boarding of Biz First and all of those pax got on, but it tokk another 15 minutes for them to board the Y class. Also, the waiting area for our gate was located quite far from the gate itself, you had to walk down a whole nother corridor to get to the gate. The flight to Sao Paulo departed on time, but they had to finish cleaning the back of our brand new 767-400 before we could get on.

The 767-400 was a beautifual aircraft. This was my first flight with a PTV, which I didn't really use, but oh well. The overhead bins were real nice, and it smelled pretty damn good. I saw countless Continental widebodeis, including many DC-10s. We taxied at around 10 50, but we took off immediately because there were hardly any other flights waiting to leave. I didn;t have the dinner, as I went to sleep right away, but I heard it was bad. I woke up around 2 hours prior to landing and had the breakfast, which was a warm crossiant and fruit. I didn't really use the PTV that much, as it takes a while for me to get adjusted to electronics, but it was pretty nice. We landed at about 11 30 in the morning at CDG, about half an hour late. CDG was crowded with AF widebodies, including the A 340, 777, 767, etc... I also saw some AF/SAS rjs, a QF 747, a SQ 747, some UA 777s, and some AA 767s. We had to get off the plan and take a bus to the terminal, which was quite close actually. I really wish we didn;t have to though.

Overall, it was only an OK flight, I've had better with CO, but it was still great.

I'm really tired right now, so I'll do the return flight, on an AF 742, later.

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