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Has Anyone Flown Transcon Red Eye Flights.

Sun Dec 03, 2000 5:10 pm

Just wondering how you felt upon arrival hows the service . And were there any extra amentities.
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RE: Has Anyone Flown Transcon Red Eye Flights.

Sun Dec 03, 2000 6:13 pm

None on Delta; they pretty much let everyone sleep on LAX-MCO flight right up until 15 minutes before touchdown. On another SAN-CVG flight, same thing, except I remember how empty the CVG DL terminal was at 0545! Only West Coast flights arriving at that time!
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RE: Has Anyone Flown Transcon Red Eye Flights.

Mon Dec 04, 2000 3:36 am

I flew KSFO-KDFW (Red Eye) on a 757-200. I had planned on staying up and looking out the window (because i had a window seat), but i had a pannel over my window, how fun. I slept until we began our descent into DFW. I think we were offered a bag of mixed nuts and juice.
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RE: Has Anyone Flown Transcon Red Eye Flights.

Mon Dec 04, 2000 3:52 am

I flew from Anchorage to Chicago ANC-ORD on a 6 hour flight. Departure 9:20PM arrival 6:00AM. The flight was a United Boeing 757-200. This flight was 35 minutes late getting started and 30 minutes late arriving. It was scheduled for 8:45PM dep and 5:30AM arr. Anyways, it was one of the best flights i have had. The plane was half full and the FA gave me extra 'snacks' which were boxes containing turkey sandwitches and chips, she gave me 4 or 5, and i saved 3 of them to eat later. Most passengers were asleep. Those who werent (me) got to see the northern lights and then sunrise. I felt alright the next day, although it seemed like my two days merged into one, one very long day. I remember sleeping for a bout 2 hours from 3 to 5 or so.

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RE: Has Anyone Flown Transcon Red Eye Flights.

Mon Dec 04, 2000 10:23 am

I've flown AWA red-eyes twice, once LAS-ORD and the other LAS-MDW. Both were in First Class so the service was good. They showed a movie and served a meal, although on the second flight I just slept the entire time, which is what most people do on those flights anyway.

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RE: Has Anyone Flown Transcon Red Eye Flights.

Mon Dec 04, 2000 10:29 am

SFO-ORD UA B757-200
ORD-SFO, UA Dont remember aircraft

I love redeye flights! I would leave SFO at 11:30 PM and get to ORD at 5:00 AM. I usually sleep on redeyes. I selpt pretty good on a 2-5-2 Y on a DC-10. All I remember about service is I had a 7-up enroute SFO-ORD B752 and we arrived when the sun rose.

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RE: Has Anyone Flown Transcon Red Eye Flights.

Mon Dec 04, 2000 11:13 am

I flew SFO-IAD aboard UA50, a DC-10. This was back in the mid 90's. I just remember that it was really dark! We departed aroun 10:30 pm and arrived around 7.
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RE: Has Anyone Flown Transcon Red Eye Flights.

Mon Dec 04, 2000 1:11 pm

I flown AWA LAS-FLL in Y-class on the 757. service was good. got a Beverage and a snack mix just after take off. they showed a movie. most everyone went to sleep. they also served another beverage one hour before landing.
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RE: Has Anyone Flown Transcon Red Eye Flights.

Mon Dec 04, 2000 2:32 pm

I had a tough red-eye stint just last week. On AWA, I flew SJC-LAS-CMH-DCA. Yep, 3 flights to get from San Jose, California to Reagan National in DC. I had a breakfast on one of the flights, I think it was CMH-DCA. It was an egg sandwich, which wasn't too bad. On the other flights, it was just a soda and some peanuts.

LAS is interesting because they have slot machines right at the gates in the airport. The main problem with my red-eye was it was broken up into so many flights that I could never get even close to a full night's rest. When I got into DC, I went straight home and slept for 5 more hours!

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RE: Has Anyone Flown Transcon Red Eye Flights.

Mon Dec 04, 2000 2:43 pm

I flew AA LAX-ORD in a 757 last August. I was very tired from the 15-hour flight aboard SQ 006 and to make matters worse I had a sore throat   I also couldn't sleep because I was still jet lagged. Luckily one of my friends was on board the flight too, she connected from a CX flight and was having the same problems as me. We ended up sitting together and talked for the whole flight while other passengers were sleeping  

Anyway, the extra legroom really made a difference. We left on time and arrived ORD roughly 20 minutes earlier than scheduled at 530 AM. The FAs offered drinks only once during the 3 hour plus flight. I think a few more rounds of drinks would be nice, especially for passengers who couldn't sleep.
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RE: Has Anyone Flown Transcon Red Eye Flights.

Mon Dec 04, 2000 4:16 pm

I flew a CO red eye flight from PHX-EWR (it was a actually a HP codeshare flight) over all it was ok, I mean it was a 737-500 which sorta suprised me for it being a 5 hour flight. At our seats they had already put out blankets and pillows (actually still in the plastic that's fresh). As for service, basic, a bag of mixed snacks (ie. chips/nuts/corn chips) and a drink. At that point everyoe fell asleep (except me because I can't sleep on planes and I was still trying to figure out if the 735 had the range to get to
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RE: Has Anyone Flown Transcon Red Eye Flights.

Tue Dec 05, 2000 5:17 am

I have flown many redeyes, but most of them were shorter than transcon (a ton of SAN-ORD overnights, quite a few LAX-ORD, and LAX-DFW once or twice). I have also flown full transcons on a number of occasions, mostly LAX-JFK, but once on SJC-BOS. The flights are pretty good. In coach, American serves a light meal, usually a hot sandwich with chips and cookies or something similar. I have done the transcon redeyes in 767s, DC-10s, and a 757. The only time I really wasted the day afterward sleeping was on one particularly busy weekend... I had just graduated high school and attended our HS Grad night party that goes till 5 am. Headed straight to the airport and spent the day on a SAN-ORD flight that was delayed pretty significantly in flight for weather (it ended up taking about 8-9 hours after taking off), spent a day at Purdue to register for classes, flew to NY for a wedding, returned JFK-LAX with my family, who then flew down homt to San Diego while I met a friend and headed back to JFK on an overnight flight. When I finally arrived in NY for my vacation there, I was dead tired, but it was mostly because of the busy week rather than the flight itself.

RE: Has Anyone Flown Transcon Red Eye Flights.

Tue Dec 05, 2000 8:24 am

2 years ago, Tower SFO-JFK. Flight left over an hour late, no service whatsoever, pretty crowded, remember boarding was very hectic. The entire plane slept, I don't remember any meal service. Got in early morning NY, my dad and I took a car service home, he went to work; I slept.

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RE: Has Anyone Flown Transcon Red Eye Flights.

Tue Dec 05, 2000 1:23 pm

I have been on 2 redeye flights. HNL-IAH was the worst of all, due to the time change it was impossible to sleep. The flight departed at 5:45pm Hawaii time and arrived into IAH at about 6am Central time, which works out to be about 1am Hawaii time which was about an hour after I was going to sleep in Hawaii. The rest of the day was hell, I barely woke up after my IAH-JAX leg and was dozing off when we were taxiing to the terminal. The other was LAX-EWR, it departed at about 8:45pm and arrived into EWR around 5:45am, it wasnt so bad because I was actually able to sleep about 4 hours of the flight, I was tired and felt real dirty because I had been either flying or hanging around an airport for the last 20 hours. I would be hesitant to do a very long redeye like HNL-IAH again.
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RE: Has Anyone Flown Transcon Red Eye Flights.

Tue Dec 05, 2000 2:09 pm

I've flown JetBlue's Red Eye from Ontario CA to JFK. Well, it was the usual jetBlue flight, with DirecTV, drinks and great flight attendant customer service. My departure time from ONT was supposed to be 11:50p, but was a little after midnight. We arrived on time into JFK promtly @ 7:40a. We hit almost 700mph because of the cool tail winds. So that trans-con flight was only 4hrs long. It was all awesome.
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RE: Has Anyone Flown Transcon Red Eye Flights.

Tue Dec 05, 2000 2:27 pm

I flew UA204 (LAX-IAD) back in May and had a very relaxing flight. The flight, on an A319, was only half full, so there was plenty of room to stretch out. We took off from LAX's southern runway heading out over the Pacific and made a wide left hand circle and headed back east.

I remember UA served drinks and peanuts within 45 minutes of takeoff, then everyone onboard pretty much went to sleep. I tried to sleep, but ended up looking out the window for another hour, then fell asleep. The pilot did not make the usual PA annoucements telling where we are or what cities/rivers we were flying over. I expected this as most passengers were snoring now. The FA's served orange juice about 45 minutes before descent.

We arrived at IAD at about 0745, with mist and dew still visible on the grass next to the runways. Overall, a pleasant flight. I like taking red-eye flights because you do not end up losing precious time flying during the day, and the flights are usually not full (aka guaranteed window seat!).

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RE: Adam84

Tue Dec 05, 2000 7:56 pm

I've done redeyes like HNL-ORD/DFW 11 times, and I've also done SYD-LAX, but I'm not sure if that was a red eye flight because the time difference and flight length is much longer : )

In three weeks, however, I'll be doing the famour Newark to Honolulu route. This is my first time actually going nonstop to Hawaii during the dozen times I've been there. It will also be my first flight with Continental to Hawaii.
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RE: Has Anyone Flown Transcon Red Eye Flights.

Wed Dec 06, 2000 10:32 am

I flew on Continental LAS-CLE on a redeye that departed LAS at 1:30 AM and arrived in CLE at about 7:30 AM. I don't recall any meal service. There may have been a snack near the end of the flight. We were on a 737, I'm not sure which series. Therefore there was no inflight movie. Most people slept for most of the trip.

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RE: Has Anyone Flown Transcon Red Eye Flights.

Tue Dec 26, 2000 8:41 am

I have been on three red-eye flights.
NW 50 DTW-CDG DC-10-30
My first tranatlantic flight and I couldn't sleep at all.
NW 920 HNL-MSP 747-400 or 747-200
I was with my high school band and I think it was a -400 because of the new interior. And also our band took the enitre back section of the plane. I was the one of the only ones awake.
QF 26 LAX-AKL 747-400
I actually slept on this flight, and had a good rest.
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RE: Has Anyone Flown Transcon Red Eye Flights.

Tue Dec 26, 2000 9:09 am

I've flown red-eyes twice. Once from YYC-YYZ on CP976, a DC10. And then just this past summer from YEG-YYZ on AC158, an A320. Other than the fact that I only got a couple of hours of sleep on each, I quite enjoyed them. Both flights were completely full, yet I found them to be a much more relaxed atmosphere then your usual daytime transcon flight. They both were something special to me, as CP976 was my first DC-10 trip... and I was bumped into J Class for free on AC158!

RE: Has Anyone Flown Transcon Red Eye Flights.

Sat Dec 30, 2000 6:50 am

i've flown a delta red-eye, don't remember the flt number. It was a 767-300, from lax to jfk, and it was delayed. the flight was full, and everybody slept during the flight. There was a movie and a hot meal, I think it's because the flight shouldn't be a red-eye flight. before landing, f/a give us a drink and a snak, and in jfk, it was about 4 in the morning, there aren't so much people, only was one of my best flight.
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RE: Has Anyone Flown Transcon Red Eye Flights.

Sun Jan 07, 2001 10:37 am

Thank u all for answering my question

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