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ASA CRJ DAL-ATL Any Comments?

Wed Dec 06, 2000 5:58 am

As I had tickets on Legend (oh what a story) I now have tickets on Delta (at least I got that out of it). BUT, I have to fly between the original airports. That means I go Love field to atlanta to Dulles and back the same way, as DL doesn't do the nonstop thing very well.
So I am stuck on a Canadair Regional Jet from Dallas to Atlanta!!! Has anyone else had this experience? They serve no food, and quite unlike Legend, have nothing even close to twenty-four channels of live TV.
I want my Legend back NOW.
After that, i am on a 737-832 to Dulles- anyone flown DL's 738's??? How is that?
No food there either.
It's amazing.
I remember flying with my dad just less than ten years ago. We flew NON-REV American and we got cajun chicken all the time, man that was good. Now, even paying customers get nothing. not even Skydeli. I am hoping for a coke. I will have to go to the Burger King at Hartsfield just to keep from emaciating.
Folks, we are paying lots of money, and getting terrible service (that's why I fly Legend, oops nevermind). I suggest we boycott the airlines that suck. Can't we find a way to tell them that we expect better? All I want is food. SOUTHWEST at least gives peanuts!!!!
Back to the topic- does anyone have experience on Delta/ASA Canadairs or Delta 738???
stranded Legend lover.

RE: ASA CRJ DAL-ATL Any Comments?

Wed Dec 06, 2000 8:29 am

ASA serves better food than WN. They serve Biscoff Cookies, Peanut Crackers, etc. And their CRJ is very nice. I am sure you will like ASA.
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RE: ASA CRJ DAL-ATL Any Comments?

Fri Dec 08, 2000 2:20 pm

Flew a DL738 on the IAD-ATL run a few months back. Nothing spectacular about the plane itself from a passenger stand point - just another 737.. I, for one, prefer the MD90. And certainly DL's service didn't have anything to make note of either.
I've flown on 9V-SPK.

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