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Sun Dec 10, 2000 1:58 pm

After a short stay at Budapest, it was time to hit the planes again. The first leg BUD-ZRH was a code share with a Malev flight number that was actually operated by Swiss Air on an A319. HB-IPV was my first time ever on an A319 as well as my first time on Swiss Air - Everything I had ever heard about how good the SR flight attendants look is true. A 40 minute weather delay, a super nice plane, and a rather uneventful flight finally made my airbus narrow body list complete - I've now been on the A319, 320, and 321.

Due to the delay on the first leg, I had just enough time to scurry over to my connecting flight just in time.
ZRH-ATL was on a Delta 767-332ER - N174DN operated the flight as DL67 and had about 79 people on board. It was my first time on board one of Delta's international flights. Service was decent, but well short of asian carriers like Singapore or Cathay. The inflight entertainment in coach was boring at best (both audio and video). 10 hours and 5 minutes after lift off we touched down at ATL - I have now stopped trying to keep track of the number of times I go through ATL every year. Passage through customs was smooth and I was at my connecting gate at Concourse A with 2 endless hours still to go. Flight 719 to DFW was another 767-332 - a sky deli flight with very little to talk about. N177DZ seemed to be configured for domestic use with fewer business class seats than my previous 767 flight. Arrival into DFW was on time on 35R followed by a long unending taxi to the gate past the active runways at 35L, 35C. All in all a good experience. But having said that I shoud say that I would pick SQ over DL any day if I had the choice.
I've flown on 9V-SPK.

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