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Midway From Beantown To The Big Easy

Tue Jan 09, 2001 10:38 am

On 12/22, I boarded Midway flight 321, the 1230pm departure from Boston to Raleigh/Durham. The aircraft was a Fokker 100. It was my first time on Midway, and my expectations were high. Needless to say, I was not dissapointed. The aircraft was quite comfy in coach, and the service was superb. I really liked the hot towel service. A very nice touch which reminds me of service on transatlantic flights. Also, the mints they pass out may not be much, but it is a nice little touch. The flight was about 1h45, and it was on-time, even though it was snowing in BOS at the time of takeoff. I really like the was very sturdy on takeoff, climb, cruise, and descent(strong crosswind on final).
After briskly walking the entire RDU terminal, I made it to gate 23 for my connecting flight to New Orleans. The aircraft was a Canadair regional Jet. It was a totally full flight. I found the Midway CRJ to be pretty damn comfortable, even for as big guy like me. It was much nicer than Comair's CRJ. the flight down to MSY was an even 2 hours, and it was smooth the whole way. I was dissapointed that I only got a pack of peanuts, but I had 2 cups of the good Green Mountain coffee that they serve. Our final into MSY took us directly over downtown, flying right over the skyscrapers, the Superdome and, of course, the mighty Mississippi River. We landed to the North on runway 1.

All in all, I was VERY impressed by Midway. My return trips, both CRJ's, were very enjoyable as well. The flight from MSY to RDU was booked solid, but the BOS flight had about 10 open seats. I also was impresses by the RDU terminal...very clean! I will certainly fly Midway again. They are truly a class act....a few steps above the competition.

Stephen in MSY (PVD until 2/22)

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