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By Popular Demand... ORD-JFK-BCN-JFK-ORD On TWA

Sun Jan 28, 2001 1:32 pm

I got 12 replies and i would have never guessed people really wanted to hear this so bad, anyways, please know this was in 1997, so i will try to remember everything as best as i can. Anyways this was my only trip to Europe so far and my only TWA trip as well as my only 747 flight. So a lot of 'only's. Enjoy!

July 17 1997
TWA #130 dep 4:30PM
ORD-JFK 727-200

I was just 11 years old back then, but this was my first real plane trip, except for my move from Moscow to Chicago. I remember getting in the car, and being very excited, i was going to Europe with my dad. (non my mom and brothers). We drove to Ohare, about 15 minutes south from where i live. I remember being very nervous and afraid of the flight, and ofcourse it was very weird weather, i remember driving north of ohare where there were the blackest clouds to the east and very hazy air with the yellow sun with black shillouettes everywhere, which made me even more afraid, because i saw planes taking off into the lightning to the east. We arrived at terminal 2, checked in where it was a bit crowded and were assigned seats 20A and 20B. We boarded in 30 minutes and we pushed back while it started drizzling, and 10 minutes later by the time we got to the runway it was pouring and there was hail, we parked in a remote area of the field, while the rain continued for 1 hour. We were parked next to two AA DC-10s and anothe AA DC-10 on the other side. I remember that at the peak of the rain, i could not see the DC-10 closest to us, with its wing about 40 feet away from me. It was one of the strongest showers i have ever sat through. Anyways, after a very long time, 3 1/2 hours we began taxiing once again. I know 3 1/2 hours is a hell of a long time, but the visibility was so low that you could not see the taxiways from the hight of the cockpit, or my window. I could see the wing but not the ground almost like a cloud. We were served lunch on the ground, a nice turkey sandwich and BBQ chips. Anyways- we taxiied to the runway and took off, and i immediatley overcame all my fear. I was relaxed and i loved it, above the clouds i loved how the sky was dark blue- almost black as opposed to the light blue on the ground. We flew east and over the niagra falls, which i did not see although the pilot reported so. We flew over Newark and then made a circle, past JFK, turning over the ocean and then back north to long island to land in New York Kennedy International Airport. I loved it. We had officially missed our connection to Barcelona, but the flight was delayed as well. I loved the TWA terminal at JFK, which i still consider the best one at JFK. Anyways, my dad went to the first agent he saw when we got off.

July 17-18 1997
TWA #902 dep:???
JFK-BCN 747-100

The agent at our arriving gate knew that we were on flight 902 (my name... TWA902fly... now you all know where that came from) somehow. She told us it was delayed and would be departing soon, we should board. I, being a pain in the @$$ kid, wanted something to eat so my dad bought me some swiss chocolates, we went across the 60s style terminal and to the gate, where i saw our 747-100, the only one to be painted in TWA's new colors, which seemed magnificent after the red and white 727-200. So i made my way abourd this huge aircraft, my first widebody, (the flight from Moscow was an IL-62). I was bedazzled by how wide and tall it was, the ceilings seemed to be like a cathedral compared to the 727. We made our way to seats 15A and 15B, which were 1 row in front of the main door through which we boarded, about the 5th or 6th row in business class. I felt very special being one of the passengers of this flight, something like the Titanic (not as bad though), it felt very magestic to be on an aircraft headed for another continent and fully understanding it for the first time. We sat at the gate for an hour, the pilot telling us that JFK was jammed up and there was no way we could get in line for takeoff yet. The flight attendants passed out water and peanuts while on the ground due to the delay. We then finally pushed back, and within seconds, there was a gaso from the passengers and the aircraft tiletd a bit to the left, my side, one of the landing gear tires had a hole in it (although i thought they were pure rubber) We spent a further two hours on the ground during which i was gived a TWA pin and more water and other drinks. 3 hours later, a total delay of 4 hours, and 5 hours frmo scheduled departure time, we pushed back further, and taxied through a now empty JFK at about midnight. All i remember seeing was my first Concorde, a dark slick emblem parked a 100 yards away or so, it looked very awsome and sleek, and i just couldnt believe that i was seeing a concorde, this was something i had dreamt about. We took off and headed over the atlantic at about 12:35AM, and at around 12:45AM dinner service was begun. It was grilled chicken breast with the usual rice. It seemed very nice compared to the earlier turkey sandwich. I ate it and it brought my sence of specialness even higher, i felt like i was in a first class restaurant in the sky. After dinner the lights were turned off, and most people went to bed. My dad took the window until sunrise from the because i did not want to sleep and it was easier for him to sleep by the window- you know by leaning on it. So i sat watching the movie, everyone around me asleep and a flight attendant walking through the aisle every 20 minutes or so. It seemed like it was just me and four huge engines up in the sky. It was very dark, and i fell asleep in about 2 hours, 4AM Chicago Time, just as the sun was showing up over the atlantic. I awoke in broad daylight just an hour later. Breakfast was served, just 4 hours after dinner, but no one declined. It was an omlet with a sausege and apple sauce. Not too bad, i didnt care, im not and was never a picky airline food guy, i dont expect to be served a $500 meal on an airplane, like many people flying these days. I happily finished my breakfast but kept the mini-coke which the plane passed out. Soon i saw the red dots on the ground. It was spain. The roofs were red, so the towns appeared like red dots in a field of brown mountains, soon we were descending to Barcelona and i saw downtown, along with the medetteranean. We passed over it, making a left turn north then turning south and then back west , landing on BCN's only runway. We taxied to what appeared to be the only jetway and about 40 of the passengers disembarked. We went through customs and then rented a car. My first time in Western Europe. By the way- This was exactly 1 year after TWA flight 800 crashed, and it was a 747-100 and the plane continued to Paris CDG from BCN. Good thing i did not know of all these coincidences when i flew, i was luckily too young.

My dad and i visted 7 countries over a period of 2 weeks and it was awsome, to hear about my travels in Europe please Email me.

August 5 1997
TWA #918 dep 11:35AM
BCN-JFK 767-200ER

My dad and I arrived at around 8:30AM to cash in all the tax-free reciepts we had, and then we went to check in. The flight was oversold to the limit and they were offering a free DOMESTIC TWA ticket and a trip on tomorrow flight to JFK, but my dad needed to get back to work, so we decided to fight for our ticket... our seats were not confirmed said the ticket agent, who spoke almost no english, very hard to understand. She kept saying there were no seats on the aircraft, until all the sudden she found some... i wonder how they slipped by her before. Our luggage was then not taken aboard the aircraft, but had red tags on it, so we had a whole discussin with the TWA baggage service, which also somehow found a place for our luggage. It seemed like everyone was against us, and my dad had to raise his voice a bit for things to happen. Overall it appeared very disorganized, and it did not seem so great to fly as on the way here, and after all i found myself in the back in seat 32G while my dad was in 19A. My dad talked to the man next to him and he agreed to switch with me, so we were now both in 19A and B. I enjoyed it. We taxied and took off only 20 minutes late on a chilly cloudy day in barcelona. Good bye Europe. We flew directly over Madrid, then turned north, passing over Porto (Oporto) and began our trans atlantic journey. It was sunny right away and i began feeling sleepy although i did not sleep. I do know there was food served, but i do not remember what it was. I found it interesting to stare out the window and knowing it was rare for it to have almost no clouds over the ocean. It was like a huge blue blanket with little white things on it. Anyways, 8 hours passed quickly and i saw the coast, the pilot announced it was Boston, and we were crusing over long island, we began descending half way through long island and made our way to JFK. We landed from the south again over the marshes. My dad and i were the first off the plane, and were greeted by a nice man who just knew how to say 'here' in spanish, where he directed all the non-citizens and non-green card holders to go. he kept saying 'aqui' . We went through immagration quickly as there was no line, although we were the htird in a series of TWA flights from Frankfurt Lisbon and Barcelona. TWA has a system where you take your luggage, get it checked and then put it on a conveyer belt where they sort it out for different domestic flights, althoug hthe baggage gets checked all teh way through. So my dad and i made our way up to the terminal, where our flight was already boarding

August 5 1997
TWA#??? dep: ???

This was my first time on an MD-80 and i was not sure what the layout was like. The 2-3 arrangment actually amazed me at first, i did not know how the aircraft was balanced on both sides, but these days i just take it as one of those things. Anyways- having not slept for a day (over 24 hours) and only 5 horus the night before i was beat, I was in seat 7E , my dad in 5E and the first coach row was 4, before TWA added more first class. Anwyays they were both center seats and i was bummed. They man next to me let me play a racing game on his laptop, but i felt very bad when the computer froze a couple minutes later, i declined from playing further because the lack of sleep caused my mind to not think straight. I fell asleep, having a dream where i fell off a cliff and i heard everyone around me laughing once i woke uo with a shake and a startled look on my face- just before hitting the ground in my dream. It happened again a couple minutes later, i was really embarrased. lol. Anyways, we descended into ORD and depalned. my dad and i looked out the airport window thinking about the great trip we had had. Our luggage was the first out of the plane, we figured it was the last put in. We headed to the baggage claim got a taxi and went home.

I hop eyou all enjoyed this trip report, i tried to remember evreything as well as possible. any feedback qs and comments welcome. thanks again for reading and enjoying the story of my name TWA902fly.

Chicago Illinois

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RE: By Popular Demand... ORD-JFK-BCN-JFK-ORD On TWA

Sun Jan 28, 2001 9:34 pm

Not a bad trip report, what were the seats like on the old TWA buissness class? The food didn't sound all that for J class! But apart from that sounds like a good flight

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RE: By Popular Demand... ORD-JFK-BCN-JFK-ORD On TWA

Sun Jan 28, 2001 11:45 pm

mmmmm.....not too bad,
but a little disapointing. I thought your main theme of your report was more about a 747-100, but it appears nothing special about it. Overall, not a bad piece.
But please be aware that you're not a demand of "trip reports". Your "BY POPULAR DEMANDS" are disgusting!!

If that report was a regular trip report, those words wouldn't come out of me.
I apologize if you mind what I say.

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RE: By Popular Demand... ORD-JFK-BCN-JFK-ORD On TWA

Mon Jan 29, 2001 2:28 am

I said it as a joke, and i didnt want to write the report if only one person wanted to hear it... so that was not a joke, and in reality it was by popular demand, and im sorry if you dont like it...

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RE: By Popular Demand... ORD-JFK-BCN-JFK-ORD On TWA

Mon Jan 29, 2001 3:58 am

One of the better trip reports I've read. Maybe I just enjoy prose more than some of the finer details (unlike some others). Your report captured the spirit of aviation. Keep up the good work!

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RE: By Popular Demand... ORD-JFK-BCN-JFK-ORD On TWA

Mon Jan 29, 2001 5:38 am

Good trip report. I am one of those that JFidler described, I like EVERY minute detail like how many shrimp were on your plate and how they were arranged, but your trip report was very good, expecially considering it was four years ago, roughly.


PS- I wish I could have had the opportunity to fly TWA before they went bust. I mean, they ARE still flying, but not for long as soon as it's all over, and I can't afford just to buy a ticket and fly them.

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RE: By Popular Demand... ORD-JFK-BCN-JFK-ORD On TWA

Mon Jan 29, 2001 6:03 am

Cool report!!!

TWA902fly i would love to hear about your travels around europe. Mail me at .

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RE: By Popular Demand... ORD-JFK-BCN-JFK-ORD On TWA

Mon Jan 29, 2001 10:04 am

At least his was better than your's, Skybutt!

RE: By Popular Demand... ORD-JFK-BCN-JFK-ORD On TWA

Mon Jan 29, 2001 3:24 pm

Cool report, sort of illustrates how TWA has changed.

You flew a 727 and a 747. TWA no longer flies the 727 or the 747

You flew ORD-JFK and JFK-ORD. TWA no longer flies ORD-JFK or JFK-ORD.

You flew JFK-MAD and MAD-JFK. TWA no longer flies JFK-MAD or MAD-JFK.

In today's TWA, your trip didn't occur! ha!
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RE: By Popular Demand... ORD-JFK-BCN-JFK-ORD On TWA

Tue Jan 30, 2001 7:47 am

TWAneedsNOhelp- its BCN i flew to not MAD.

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