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Tue Feb 20, 2001 10:23 am

I flew to New Orleans on US Airways, choosing to use up my Dividend Miles account as I don't fly this airline
much these days. My first flight was from LGA to CLT,
on an Airbus A320. Very nice plane. Spotless clean. I
was impressed at the overall in-flight service in that
I was served a cold breakfast and the flight was only
10 minutes late arriving CLT (despite LGA's delays). I
thought the cabin crew were generally disinterested,
un-helpful (there was a nice elderly lady seated next
to me who needed help stowing her bags. The two
cabin crew assigned to my section of the plane just
ignored her. I expected nothing less from US Airways
as this carrier never had a reputation for good flight
service. Needless to stay, I helped her and we talked
for a few minutes.

The second flight, from CLT to MSY was on a 737.
The plane was filthy, with food crusted on my seat
and ripped carpets and a torn panel. It was a 737
series -400. CLT is a nice airport. The crew on this
flight were at least pleasant. Honestly, I didn't care
as I just wanted to sleep a little and it was a short

The return flight was via PIT. I flew on an MD80
which was tired looking but clean and sported the
US Air livery. No meal. Just peanuts and drinks. It
was a mid-morning flight.

From PIT to LGA, I flew on a 757. Nice plane and
I always like going through PIT. It is a nice airport
and clean. The flight was 35 minutes late arriving
due to a shortage of gates. Smooth flight. Crew
was professional enough. There were 45 people
on board so they didn't have much to do.

Overall, I rate my latest experience with US Air
a B-. Not bad. Not great. I wouldn't fly them had
it not been for the free ticket.


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