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Upcoming Trips

Tue Feb 27, 2001 9:16 am

I have a few upcoming trips... IAD- Columbus, OH in March on United Express on a canadair regional jet

IAD-SLC via. DEN in april on UAL and the United Shuttle on a 777!, two 737s, and I believe that the return flight is on a 757.

Albany-BWI on a Southwest 737 in July.

IAD-ATH via CDG in August on an Air France 777!, 320?, and an A-340. I am hoping that the 340 is retro-fitted with the PTVs
Jason Seiple
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RE: Upcoming Trips

Tue Feb 27, 2001 9:59 am

My upcoming flights:
3/3 OMA-DEN-LAX F9 403 7:35a-10:15a B737

3/7 LAX-DEN F9 128 2:50p-6:00p B737
DEN-OMA F9 436 7:40p-10:00p B737

3/11 OMA-MKE YX170 7:00a-8:10a DC-9-10
MKE-DCA YX411 8:25a-11:10a MD-88
DCA-GRR-MKE YX2021 4:25p-6:10p 328JET
MKE-OMA YX727 8:00p-9:20p DC-9-10

4/6 OMA-STL TW98 11:05a-12:16p MD-80
STL-JAX TW658 1:10p-4:15p DC-9-30

4/8 JAX-STL TW495 2:50p-4:06p B717
STL-OMA TW577 5:09p-6:29p MD-80

4/22 OMA-MSP NW680 5:35a-6:39a DC-9-10
MSP-STL NW593 9:30a-11:05a DC-9-10
STL-MSP NW3458 3:45p-5:37p RJ-85
MSP-OMA NW404 6:30p-7:38p DC-9-30

Also have a trip to LGA (via IAH) coming up in June.

Jason Seiple
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RE: Upcoming Trips

Tue Feb 27, 2001 11:50 am

I only have two, but I'm trying to save money so I can start flight lessons, so I won't be flying much for a while, unless it's like a family deal.  Smile Here's the two flights I'm hoping to take soon....

MCI-OKC(and back) Southwest (I took this flight last summer, hoping to take it again this summer)
MCI-ATL (and back) Delta (not certain about when I'll take this one, but hopefully this year or next!).  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
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RE: Upcoming Trips

Wed Feb 28, 2001 5:51 am

As of now I have these trips planned

PHL-FLL-PHL 4x (March, April, May, December-there will be more)
PHL-LAX-SYD-CNS-SYD-PHL (June 26-July 26)
PHL-SEA-FIA, YVR-SEA-PHL (July 30-Aug ??)
PHL-ORD-PHL (still in the works-may happen) (Aug 19-Aug ??)

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RE: Upcoming Trips

Thu Mar 01, 2001 10:03 am

March 2 MDW-DCA TZ 727

March 5 DCA-MDW TZ 757

Thank You

Kevin Granzin

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RE: Upcoming Trips

Fri Mar 02, 2001 12:03 pm

I am going to NYC in March with my high school choir. They have sceduled us to leave and return on 3 different flights going to LGA from FLL, I think. If my research is correct, then these are the flights I am on...

March 28
Delta 658

March 31
Delta 447

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