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During the last week of March I would like to accompany a friend from JFK to FCO (rome) to BCN (Barcelona) and then back to JFK. Any suggestions on airlines to fly, best prices (i'm really trying to save money but want to fly on a reputable carrier). Best days of the week to fly, and of course greatest variation of aircraft just for the fun of it. Thanks!
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I have a similar routing in my mind for my summer holiday. YYZ-BCN and FCO-YYZ From my research online, there were deals for just under $1000, but I have a hunch that there are better deals to be had elsewhere. Try Air France, they returned pretty good prices. Also, if you're flying segments within Europe, try if your travel dates are not concrete. If dates are set in stone, try Virgin Express or other low-fare carriers. If you take Virgin Express FCO-BCN, you'll connect at BRU. Or you can stick with one alliance and take various carriers within the alliance. Your options are limitless. Maybe you want to be more specific?

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