FRA-IAD-LAX-ORD-FRA With United Airlines

Sun Mar 04, 2001 12:59 am

I planned a trip to USA with UA917 FRA-IAD 772 ;UA1
IAD-LAX 744 ; UA128 LAX-ORD 320; UA944 ORD-FRA 744 on Oct14.2001 - Oct28.2001
Have you got fly with UA744/777/320 ? Is Econnomy class,services on board very good .? Please,more detailed info`s about In -flight service by United Airlines.
Is the Sighseeing deck for take a picture or spotting with binocculars in IAD good ?Have you other place in IAD ? IS DCA better than IAD for spotting ?
Where are the best photo points or for spotting with binoculars in LAX and ORD.

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RE: FRA-IAD-LAX-ORD-FRA With United Airlines

Sun Mar 04, 2001 6:18 am

Check my report in this forum for more on United. Inside the terminal there aren't very nice places in IAD to spot, at my change of planes stops I didn't look around for the observation deck, I don't know if there is any. DCA is better, you can get close to the runway while in the terminal, I had a nice spotting time there. In ORD, go to the end of the terminal, I forgot which number but the American Eagle gates are on the left and Continental/US Airways on the right, that one gives you a view on two runways they use a lot at ORD.
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