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DFW-DEN DEN-DFW, Ski Trip-spring Break

Sun Mar 25, 2001 8:45 am

Last saturday we got up bright and early for our flight to DEN from DFW. The flight left at around 8 o'clock and was AA flight 1196 an MD-80, the flight was very uneventfull and we only got a soda on the 1hr 29 min flight. When we landed we saw the Detroit Redwings/Tigers plane as the Redwings were in town to play the Colorado Avalanche(the 'wings lost 5-3 sadly). Well, we got through Hertz and we were on our way to Beaver Creek, the place I have skied for I believe 9 years. I will give you details about Beaver Creek if you email me requesting them.

Coming back home a week later(3/24/01) and our flight was at 10:50 flight 742, and MD-80 again(too bad it wasn't really a 747-200  Smile). Well, we got on and there was an engine problem and we were stuck on the plane at the gate for about an hour and a half and had to go through de-icing under the wings as it was very damp at DEN. the flight was 1hr, 24 min and we had snack mix and a soda, about 99.9% of our flight was connecting pax. There were pretty much less than 15 pax that had DFW as their final destination and I got my backs very quickly. DFW was pretty much like Denver, except more variety of aircraft whereas DEN pretty much has a UA777 and an Access Air732, and I did see an ex-reno air md-80 in AA's white colors next to our plane there. At DFW, I saw an NW319, countless AA 767s and 777s and MD-11s. I saw an LH340, BA777, SN330 and several other planes as well.
Hoped you liked the report  Smile
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RE: DFW-DEN DEN-DFW, Ski Trip-spring Break

Tue Mar 27, 2001 9:47 pm

Thanx for the reoprt.
I hate to wait in the plane without anything is going on...

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