Flightcheck:BOS-LHR (BA)

Tue Mar 27, 2001 7:31 am

Well, the time eventually came for Capt.Picard to leave America after 6 fabulous days in New York and Boston.

Before the trip report, I’d like to very briefly mention my thoughts on Boston.

For those of you that have not yet been, I strongly recommend a visit to Boston, especially for those of you that prefer quieter cities with interesting histories.

Two places of particular interest to me were the “Old State House” as it is called, right in the center of Boston; it was the seat of the British colonial administration in the period when a number of states were still British colonies. It was also the site of the Boston “Massacre” of the 16th December, 1773; it is believed that this was the event which kick-started the great American Revolution.

The famous Declaration of Independence was announced from the Western balcony of this historic building.

Another very interesting exhibit is the replica of the “Beaver”, which was involved in the infamous Boston Tea Party-if you are familiar with the saying “Dump the tea……into the sea!!!”, you will know what I mean!

The city’s Irish, Italian and to a lesser extent, British links are clearly visible, and we had a very pleasant evening in The Black Rock, an Irish pub near Quincy Market.

ANYWAY, time to get on with the flight details I suppose!

I have decided to incorporate a few stats to avoid repetition:

Scheduled departure: 1920
Flight: BA214
A/c: Classic 747
Livery: To Fly To Serve (old c/s)
Name: City of Stoke-on-Trent
New World Traveller: No
Wind conditions: Favourable
Load: Full
Delays: Yes (Departing BOS and approach into London)
Date:25Mar-26Mar 2001
Initial cruising level:FL340
Max.altitude attained:FL370

We travelled as a group of 4 from downtown Boston to Logan Apt via the Subway. A friend and myself would be travelling, whilst my other two friends were accompanying us to the airport.

At the airport stop, we walked-off the train into glorious afternoon sun, and made our way to the MASSPORT shuttle bus; we got off at Terminal E, which serves a variety of airlines including BA.

Construction work was evidently in progress just outside the entrance, and from the plan diagram, it appears the façade is being extended outwards.

As we were rather early for check-in (we arrived at 1645), we were ushered over to the Club World check-in, as the premium pax still had not arrived. The BA check-in is adjacent that of Aer Lingus, which looked quite busy.

My friend was assigned seat 49B, I was assigned 49A. After getting rid of the luggage and formalities, we took the escalators up to the departure level.

I was immediately greeted with the sight of non other than a BA Classic 747 parked at our Gate 7. It was in old c/s and named City of Manchester. I thought this was our a/c, but as it started pushing back, I assumed it was just another earlier service. I took some shots which I should be able to post on this thread soon.

A/c on the right was an SN 330, to the left were two Aer Lingus 330’s.
The Sabena later pushed back and was replaced by an Icelandair 757, and then our a/c arrived in at 1742. Again, photos will be shown later.

Our boarding time was set to be 1830, but I noticed a fire truck and two emergency vehicles arrive under our a/c’s port wing, and a rather large puddle in between. I assumed there’d been a fuel spillage, although when I went to ask the BA ground staff at the gate what the delay was for, they claimed “some people had checked-in too late”. I presume they lied as they did not want to unduly worry the pax, but I was not particularly happy with their response, as the Captain later confirmed the real reason for the delay, which had nothing to do with late check-ins.

Anyhow, I wondered over to the other side of the Terminal. The following a/c were present: an LH 340, an AF 763, an OA 340, an SR 330, and a NW DC-10.

Boarding appears to have commenced at 1930, although there was no boarding announcement made, and the gate area was a little chaotic. Overall, I think BA needs to organize ground ops at BOS a little bit better really.

We finally began pushing back at approx 2010, and began a rather long taxi to BOS’s South-Westerly r/w (anyone have the bearings??), closely followed by an Aer Lingus 330. I noticed another BA 747 in Chelsea Rose c/s, presumably inbound from LHR.

Obviously plans must have changed, as the Captain announced we would be taking off in a Northerly direction.

We finally rotated at 2026, 1hr6mins late, and shortly thereafter began a series of staggered left turns until we attained a North Easterly heading.

For the next 2-3hours we had a delightful trip along the North Atlantic coast, the twinkling lights of coastal communities off to a distance on the left.

The Captain’s predictions of rough weather shortly after take-off did not materialise, and in fact, the flight went relatively smoothly, apart from a few random patches of very rough air, which included some rather alarming “freefalls”, as I like to call them (air pockets) Big grin

Unfortunately, without the PTV’s I can’t give you our exact route  Sad
The crew were rather friendly which was nice, apart from an old FA which looked rather old and bored Big grin

Dinner, frankly, was disappointing. Choice was the usual Chicken or beef, and the chicken was horrible, and accompanied by an unidentifiable orange sludge; additionally, the coffee tasted absolutely disgusting.

Once that horrible meal was cleared away, it was off to the flightdeck to see the Capt., Engineer etc. who were all very welcoming, and we talked about their favourite routes, how they got into the profession bla bla. Very enjoyable, but I decided to go back as I was literally falling asleep.

Dawn was soon on the way, as the sky turned from black to purple, and the silhouette of the wing began to appear. Again, I have some photos, I hope they come out!!

The cabin lights came on just as the first rays of sunlight began to appear; breakfast was continental, and MUCH better than the horrible dinner, although I refused the coffee this time Big grin

Well, Southern England was completely covered in a blanket of cloud (what a surprise that was  Insane Big grin )

Captain came on once the whole plane had woken up, and announced a delay of 20minutes due to congestion at LHR.
So we began going round in circles for a while, the only other a/c I saw was a BA777 in Union Flag c/s, although he looked as if he was a departure, not in the stack.

We eventually straightened up, and started our approach through cloud into LHR, eventually arriving at 0826 on R/W 09L.

We parked up by G-ZZZA, a 777 in old c/s (named Sir Frank Whittle), an a/c which is used on Middle Eastern services. Next to that was that earlier 747 flight from BOS.

Well, that concludes the trip! Inflight service was good, a/c interior in excellent condition, and not drastically late!

BA service at BOS needs improvement though. Ground staff there were not very polite.

Photos will follow soon.


RE: Flightcheck:BOS-LHR (BA)

Sat Mar 31, 2001 1:40 am

Hey folk,

Was my trip report too boring??  Sad

Anyway, for those that are interested I took a few shots of the journey, available at

Click "My photo album", ignore the first page, click "next 4", these are my latest shots. It might take a while for your bowser to find the page.

There are 2 747's, the one in the brighter light is an earlier service, "City of Manchester".

Unfortunately, the dawn shots did not come out, as I forgot to switch off the flash. Never mind....

If you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them.



RE: Flightcheck:BOS-LHR (BA)

Sat Mar 31, 2001 1:46 am

ps Capt.Picard isn't in any photos, you'll have to wait for that....
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RE: Flightcheck:BOS-LHR (BA)

Sat Mar 31, 2001 7:52 pm

Thanks for the trip report shame you did not like the dinner ! I do still quite like the Classics and the three crew .I had a look at ur shots quite good.



RE: Flightcheck:BOS-LHR (BA)

Sat Mar 31, 2001 11:58 pm

brilliant m8e
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RE: Capt.Picard

Sun Apr 01, 2001 6:36 am

Another fantastic trip report mate!  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
Shame about the dodgy food on BA. I have found this to be true on most of there 747 classic LON-BOS routes, wheras when they opperated the 777-236/ER's on this route the service, seats, ect was unmatched!  Smile/happy/getting dizzy Still don't understand why they droped the 777's on this route. It was one of the main reasons i chose BA from VS and Delta. But to tell you the truth i've turned into a bit of a loyal fan of BA after travelling "First" from Sydeny - Singapore - London. (Don't be silly i havn't got that much money!  Smile/happy/getting dizzy I was bummped up as i've got a BA executive Gold card and well there was space!  Smile/happy/getting dizzy Hay i wasn't commplaining!)
Anyway, got any other future travel plans?
All the best
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RE: Capt.Picard

Sun Apr 01, 2001 6:48 am

I have been on BA several times on the Boston route, flying 777s G-VIIG (twice) and G-VIIU and G-YMMC once each, and several 747 'classics' in the -136 and -236 series.

Over a year ago, BA (with considerable fanfare) noted that they were going to reduce capacity on the N. Atlantic. And for awhile, Boston's two 777s and one 747 on the daily routes fit with that strategy. Now, they have THREE daily 747s in a market where capacity is growing (United's 767-300 and soon, Delta's 767-300). Where is the rhyme or reason to this? I guess I shouldn't question it if the loads are full, but it seems contrary to what BA said they'd do.

RE: Flightcheck:BOS-LHR (BA)

Sun Apr 01, 2001 8:28 am

Thanks for the replies.

BA, I am flying back to NY in the Summer but as someone else is paying, I could be on BA, VS or AA.

A Gold card holder!! God you must fly every other week!!

My father travels regularly, although he only holds Silver as he sometimes flies with Air France, which are meant to be really good as well.

Also, this Xmas, my family are moving to Angola (due to my Father's job), so I will be getting the chance to fly an AF B777 from Paris to Luanda.

Chris, the golden rule with BA is not to listen to them too hard-they have a history of making U-turns on loads of different issues-

two examples I can think of straight away are the livery (they've decided to scrap everything except the Union Flag), plus the engine types for the 777.

The loads on the Boston route must be doing fine-take it from me, the a/c was FULL! plus having seen three BA a/c in BOS within a few hours...etc.

Best Wishes
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RE: Capt.Picard

Sun Apr 01, 2001 8:36 am

Yeah i fly as much as i can!  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
I'm always looking on the net for "bucket shop" fares  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
I recently found a last flight:
London-Boston BA Club World rtn, £799!!! I had that straight away! I guess i must fly Long-Haul around 10 times a year on average. This is due to my huge family!
I mostly go to SAN, BOS, SYD, MEL, HKG and Milan. I try to Fly BA or a "ONE WORLD" partner airline. So it's normaly BA or QF. I much prefer BA.
Anyway just thought i'd let you know  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
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RE: Flightcheck:BOS-LHR (BA)

Sun Apr 01, 2001 9:15 pm

Great trip report! I'm flying BA in August from LHR back down to JNB. They operate a 744 on the route, which I believe has PTV's, so it should be quite cool!

Regards - Tom  Smile
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RE: Flightcheck:BOS-LHR (BA)

Sat Apr 07, 2001 4:21 pm

Hey Capt.Picard ....
interesting story ..... glad you liked boston ......apparantly it has alot more to offer then just the things you checked out ..... im wondering if you experienced any of the night life here ..... ?? There are some very classy and amazing places with all the international Kids that boston is famous of ....... next time you come to boston let me know ......

yalla bye ..
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RE: Flightcheck:BOS-LHR (BA)

Mon Apr 09, 2001 12:13 pm

Very interesting trip report. As you certainly know Capt. Picard I was in LHR on that same day over in Terminal 3. My BWIA flight left for POS at 1306HR. My trip report is posted below. Additionally, the cotton-wool puff cover of cloud which covered England for the few days I was there was somewhat startling to see when I had flown into LHR - I mean, ground was only visible when the plane was almost on the runway!

I am glad that you enjoyed Boston, a place that I am yet to visit. A great report.

Hop to it, fly for life!

RE: Flightcheck:BOS-LHR (BA)

Mon Apr 09, 2001 10:44 pm

Just in reply to some people:


I didn't bring any smart clothes with me, if you meant going out to a night venue....we didn't really have the time.

Add to that, the fact that it's illegal for me to drink in the US (I'm 19), and you'll soon realise it wasn't really worth going out clubbing.

We did go out at night for meals though.

Thanks for your message-and your trip report, which was also very enjoyable.


Native Bostonian

Fri Apr 13, 2001 2:03 am

Capt. Picard,

As a born and bred Bostonian I want to thank you for the rave reviews you gave the city I love so much. I have several friends from the UK who now make Boston their home and absolutely love it. They even celebrate Independence Day with us "Natural Born Yanks" on July 4!  Smile

One "very minor" correction to your trip report while in Boston, the Irish pub you visited is called the "Black Rose" not the "Black Rock". I am certain that regardless of what you call it you had a great time!  Smile

I work as a sales rep. for a financial services company here in Boston and my office happens to overlook Logan International Airport where I have a fantastic view of the action. Although I am sad to say that today is rather rainy and foggy.  Sad

Anyone who would like more info on Boston from a native please drop me an email! Glad you enjoyed your stay and thanks again for the compliment!


Jim Walsh (aka Aer Lingus A330)
Boston, MA

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