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Qantas New Zealand Trip Report

Fri Apr 06, 2001 9:16 am

Friday 30th March.

Checked in at 5:30pm for my 6:30pm flight for Wellington to Auckland. I was coming back at 9:00pm that night and QF advised they are unable to issue boarding passes both ways (Unlike Air NZ who issue all your boarding passes for travel that day). Got seat 1A, great a window, would have preferred row 2, but was already allocated (Travelled Business Class by the way)

Got to the QF lounge and they annouced that the 5:30pm flight had been cancelled so anyone wanting to go on the 6:30pm please go to the reception desk. Well, it was like watching a swarm of locusts over a ripe crop I can tell you!!

Anyways, I was having a wee tipple (a drink that is) and I noticed it was 6:45pm and our flight hadn't commenced boarding. I went to the lounge desk and asked what time the flight was due to board and was told that the flight would board when it's ready - Gotta love that attitude!

Anyways, at 7:00pm we started boarding for our 6:30pm flight. Once on board we were offered a drink and I asked for a glass of bubbles and was told no, we don't serve alcohol prior to departure which was lies, they were just being plain lazy.

At 7:45pm I said what time are we leaving and she said shortly, and I pointed out that my flight back to Wellington was at 9:00pm and at this rate we would be getting to Auckland after my flight home left. At this point I disembarked.

Hope to be able to "travel" them again soon
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RE: Qantas New Zealand Trip Report

Fri Apr 06, 2001 2:39 pm

Thats a terrible experience
Trust Qantas New Zealand

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RE: Qantas New Zealand Trip Report

Sun Apr 08, 2001 8:24 am

I flew Qantas NZ in Decenber. No wonder they are losing there Customers, they have the most rudest flight attendants (Except for a new One.. who had just finished training!! He was really fun to talk too), Cabins were VERY dirty!! The food was absolutely YUCK.
I would choose AirNZ anyday over them. Also AirNZ have cheaper airfares than Qantas NZ.
Our flight was delayed 30mins and no explanation was given.

If you come to New Zealand, and you are travelling on an Airline never ever choose QNZ. They are CRAP to put it mildly.
On my AirNZ flight to CHC (Christchurch) from Auckland (AKL) i was served like this, i was travelling Economy as well....
Pre takeoff Orange juice, Magazines were handed out. We had full audio and visual presentations (The flight was an International 733 which is configured with TV's.)
We took off and then were given a Cookie followed by a Salmon Sandwhich and Coke. Beverages kept flowing through during the whole flight. Before landing (And i think this is what AirNZ is genuine for) they served us all Lollies to help our ears out. Very nice touch.
And that concludes that.

Much better than Qantas NZ. Lets just hope that when QANTAS buys out them they can improve them.

Did you get a refund JaseWGTN?!?! I hope soo. You should also complain about there Flight attendants.


RE: Qantas New Zealand Trip Report

Mon Apr 09, 2001 6:21 pm

Qantas back home in Australia has the best record for being clean, as time efficient as possible, and as safe as possible.
it's bad that qantas NZ can't follow suit
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RE: Qantas New Zealand Trip Report

Wed Apr 11, 2001 11:42 am

Thats right Robbo321...
I just hope that Qantas can change QNZ!!!
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