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Best Part Of Flying

Sun Apr 08, 2001 5:30 am

So whats it to be - at the airport, taxing to the runway, takeoff, cruising, decending, landing, taxing or parking up and getting off. This is interesting as deep down do we really enjoy getting on or off the aircraft. Do we really look forward to flying? or are we glad when its all over? do certain aspects of flying worry us or do we all just love flying whatever state the plane is in? Also do we find certain parts of flying better in bigger or smaller aircraft? Let me know your thoughts.
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RE: Best Part Of Flying

Sun Apr 08, 2001 8:02 am

I think personely that getting on a aircraft model/airline that you havn't been on before and looking around at the seats, crew, plane ect is great. But i think the best moment is when you taxi onto the runway and the brakes are applied, the engines start to spool up (and this is the best on shorter runways with bigger planes), you feel the plane leaning foreward slighltly and then the brakes are released and you shoot forewards, getting shoved right back into your seat. The aircraft feels like its now leaning backwards from the acceleration!  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
The after speeding down the runway, roatating and that feeling in your stomach when the aircraft climbs out.  Smile/happy/getting dizzy Smile/happy/getting dizzy Smile/happy/getting dizzy GREAT!
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RE: Best Part Of Flying

Sun Apr 08, 2001 9:02 am

Sitting down in an aisle seat on an AA MD-80 to Austin a few weeks ago and discovering I had three seats to myself.

The fact that I can't be called or e-mailed for the duration of the flight.

That first free drink on an international flight!

Seeing the coastline of a new continent come into view early in the morning.

That huge roar, then the feeling of being pushed into the seat as they release the brakes on takeoff.

That second free drink!

Putting some cool tunes on the headset while watching the clouds scud by below (that could be another thread -- what do you listen to on the plane?)

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RE: Best Part Of Flying

Sun Apr 08, 2001 9:19 am

I agree with BA747-436!!!! Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile


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RE: Best Part Of Flying

Sun Apr 08, 2001 12:53 pm

For me it is the whole thing. I even love the turbulence. Also, maybe it is the idea of doing something that a hundred years ago would not have been possible.
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RE: Best Part Of Flying

Sun Apr 08, 2001 1:22 pm

Takeoff of course. Despite more than 40 flights last year my heart never fails to beat a wee bit faster as we slowly move into position at the end of the runway at then the engines whine loudly and the brakes release... The first time I experienced this as a little kid, on an A300 from MAA-BOM it was incredible. Even now its something I look forward to before every flight!!
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RE: Best Part Of Flying

Mon Apr 09, 2001 1:28 am

I like all parts of flying, including arriving at the airport and waiting for the plane. Taking off is one of the best parts though. When the plane pulls onto the runway and the pilot spools up the engines. I like to listen to the engines as they are put up to full power, see the overhead compartments shake under the pressure, and watch the ground move away from the plane as it climbs. I also like to land too. I like it when we touch down and everyone is thrown forward as the engines are reversed, and the spoilers are deployed.
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RE: Best Part Of Flying

Sun Apr 15, 2001 2:59 pm

I like taking the exit off of the highway under the sign that says "Reno/Tahoe Int'l Airport", checking in at the airport (hey, I dont get to fly that often), and waiting at the gate in anticipation. I also like taking off. But most of all, I like landing. I like seeing the different buildings of the airport and the taxiing aircraft wiz by past my window, and watching the rudders shift into their down position trying to slow the airplane down and then taxiing to the gate, its just the funnest part.
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RE: Best Part Of Flying

Mon Apr 16, 2001 1:19 pm

I like that takeoff "feeling." Also, turbulence always makes it interesting. I'm always excited getting into any type of airplane. I really liked when my flight instructor demonstrated G forces and zero gravity with a parabolic arc. Sure wish the commercial airliners would do that!
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RE: Best Part Of Flying

Mon Apr 16, 2001 6:51 pm

It depends on a few things. If it's a big airport it's nice while taxiing if you can have a close look at other aircrafts. But if it's just straight out to the RWY it's not so thrilling. I like both the t/o and landing. To fell the power when the a/c accelerate down the RWY is great I think. While in the air it's not so much to do. If you look out it's too high to see much, but if you hit some turbulence something happens.
The descent down to the airport can be great, especially if you get a look over the airport. It feels great when the aircraft gets lower and lower, you pass the threshold, 10ft - 5ft - and touchdown.
The worst part is leaving the aircraft - at that time the flight is over, but you can still look out over the airport and all the other planes.

Just like birdwatching - without having to be so damned quiet!
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RE: Best Part Of Flying

Tue Apr 17, 2001 1:06 am

I like take off when you are forced back into your seat and you feel the rumble of the aircraft as you speed down the runway passing all the parked aircraft at the terminal and then lifting up, all the rumbling stops and you glide into the air as you watch the airport dissapear! Great feeling inside especially when you have to bank shortly after takeoff!
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RE: Best Part Of Flying

Tue Apr 17, 2001 6:13 am

I like landing as well...

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RE: Best Part Of Flying

Tue Apr 17, 2001 12:03 pm

Getting on an aircraft or airline or both that you have never been on before.

Being able to look out a window at the world below, and wondering if anybody down there is looking up at your plane.

Watching other aircraft in flight, close or far away, and being able to identify them.


The mere fact that you are flying, and the anxiousness about what will happen during the flight, and wondering what you will experience.
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RE: Best Part Of Flying

Tue Apr 17, 2001 9:06 pm

I LOVE the exhilaration of Landing and the excitement of Pre-Boarding...
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RE: Best Part Of Flying

Tue Apr 17, 2001 9:58 pm

Everything except for getting off Big grin
I like longer flights but i like smaller planes, i get bored after a while but i look forward to a long haul flight more. I am one of those very few people who like Turbulence/CAT better than smooth cruising, its so much fun and it makes you really feel like you are flying. Also i like Landing and take-off, but best of all ANTICIPATION  Big thumbs up. Looking down the runway just as you are turning onto the runway, Pushback!, Waiting at the gate, Watching other aircraft landing/taking-off at Schiphol in the departure lounge, new foreign airports (as in ones i have'nt been to). Erm erm, oh yeah sitting in the jumpseat, sitting by the window!, being delayed Big grin. Getting on a flight that you know will lead to another flight when you get off.

Remember, unless you are sick you can not have a bad flight  Smile


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RE: Best Part Of Flying

Fri Apr 20, 2001 8:12 pm


The best part of flying for me would have to be approach and landing. The Best approach I had was into LHR where we flew over the Thames and I saw red double decker busses from above. Very nice indeed!
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RE: Best Part Of Flying

Fri Apr 20, 2001 9:12 pm

I love ALL parts of a flight. In particular I adore the taxiing, take-off, descent and landing. I especially love descents and landings at night, even more when passing over a very populated city!!! The lights are simply dazzling...

Doesn't EVERYONE agree?
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RE: Best Part Of Flying

Fri Apr 20, 2001 10:51 pm

I like takeoff and when u lift off. I also like when u land and the breaks are slamed on.....
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RE: Best Part Of Flying

Fri Apr 20, 2001 11:36 pm

Landings in long-range aircraft in the rain, ahhh.. the reverse thrusts
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RE: Best Part Of Flying

Sat Apr 21, 2001 4:58 am

I'd say my favorite part is probably takeoff, because I can see just how fast we're going. But my former fear-of-flying presents itself most at takeoff and landing, so it's not always an enjoyable experience.

I like landings for the same reason.

I guess now I'd have to say I like landing more than takeoff...

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RE: Best Part Of Flying

Sat Apr 21, 2001 6:33 am

I like taking off, deicing the aircraft and landing.

Taking off from the runway makes me feel good. I like the force I feel and the plane really moves fast when compared to other vehicles. I cannot get that feeling when I am driving.

Deicing is also good. You can only try this when your flight is the first one of the day in cold area like Canada and Russia. During deicing, you will hot water and
detergent flowing on the plane. Dirts are coming off as well as the paint. Last time, I tried CanJET and the paint of the top of the aircraft got off, just like the Northwest Dc9-10 aircraft at YWG.

Landing is very important too. I like smooth landing. If the landing is not smooth, with thunder storm or some other weather related issue, the feeling would be bad.

During my last visit to YQT, since their runway is so short, my CanJET 737-200 aircraft almost got out of the runway. It can only stop just before the runway ends. It's a good experience for me. I am wondering how Royal Aviation's A310 can ever fly to YQT. They may get problem with their runway too.  Smile
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RE: Best Part Of Flying

Sat Apr 21, 2001 8:18 am

That feeling that you get as you are walking down the jetway...the smell of jet fuel in the air...and then coming up to the door...and stepping onto one of the most amazing machines ever seen...(I have a little tradition of just putting my hand on the metal of the aircraft while stepping in gives me a sense of touching something so much greater than me)....Taxi is great too....especially at atlanta if you leave from terminal see all the different planes waiting on the ramp for their turn too taxi on....then of course takeoff...that feeling of being pushed back...and then seeing the world fall away from you...knowing you are going somewhere different. Somewhere not like the place you knew....
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RE: Best Part Of Flying

Sat Apr 21, 2001 10:28 am

I like when you are walking down the jetway in anticipation of the flight, but the best bit is when the aircraft is speeding down the runway, roatating, lifting off and when you feel the aircraft dropping as it levels out. You are finally on your way.
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RE: Best Part Of Flying

Sat Apr 21, 2001 2:33 pm

I've flown quite a bit and I still like it when we take off! When you just sit way back in your seat and the engines start roaring! Then you start moving slow and you go faster and faster and suddenly the entire airport is going by you in a flash! Then your climbing 30,000 feet!

I also like landing. I like how those flaps deploy after you touch the ground and the pilot slams on the breaks!
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RE: Best Part Of Flying

Sun Apr 22, 2001 12:35 pm

I think that sitting at your seat, moored at the gate is the best time of the flight.
You get the best of both worlds here. You're on a 'plane, but you still get that preflight anticipation.
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RE: Best Part Of Flying

Tue Apr 24, 2001 2:42 am

Much the same as everyone else the best bit for me is when you do a 90 or 180 at the the end of the taxiing and see the lights of the runway all in line followed by the sound of the engines being spooled up,stabilised and then put on full power.....unfortunately it is with always accompanied by the thought that my life is entirely in the hands of someone I have never met and that the first 60 seconds of any flight is always the most dangerous.
But any flight that starts with a steep climb over the M4/M25 junction or the Western suburbs of London is fine by me. Smile/happy/getting dizzy
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RE: Best Part Of Flying

Thu Apr 26, 2001 11:34 pm

Well, I must confess the best part of flying for me is when......we're deplaning!!

Yes, it's true: I quite dislike flying, much as I love the topics around it. But the stages that I hold in absolute horror are: all the queuing up involved before boarding. (with this, I guess I've given myself away in that I usually fly Economy!!). Then, the take-off I utterly SUFFER! =( , with all its accoutrements: taxiing down the runway, rotating off, etcetc.

With the landing I have a love-hate relationship: it's bringing us back down to firm ground but it's still so critical a moment! Waiting at the baggage claim area is rather an awkward stage: I always seem to notice a good deal of tension and discomfort (or is it only me feeling tense and uncomfortable!?).

Actually when I feel happiest is the moment the plane is heading towards its arrival gate ina gentle, paused manner!

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