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VIE -> ZRH -> VIE On Swissair Business Class

Tue Apr 10, 2001 10:42 pm

Yesterday I took advantage of my Qualiflyer miles and made a trip for some photography to Zurich. I flew with Swissair SR211 from Vienna to Zurich. The plane an A320-214 HB-IJF

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Photo © Charles Falk

was configured for 27 Business class passengers and the rest economy. I was seated in 6D which was actually the last row of Business Class. 4 seats in C remained free. Economy was about 90 % occupied. The flight is sheduled to leave VIE at 07:05 A.M, we left the gate at 07:08 and were airborne at 07:22 from Rwy. 29. Before takeoff we were offered free drinks (Juice or water) and newspapers. In flight service was very great. There was warm bread as much as you could eat, fruitsalad, fruits, buter and croissants. Our altidue was 9400 m and the cruising speed 522 mph (840 km/h). After a smooth flight we touched down at 08:25 (Sheduled arrival time is 08:30 A.M.) at Rwy. 34, parked at position D08 and had to take the bus to the terminal.
After a rainy day of photography at the airport I went home on A319-112 HB-IPU

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Photo © Viktor László

it was configured for 35 Passengers in C-Class and there where 10 passengers in C-Class. I was seated in 6C and had the whole row for myself. Economy was about 66% occupied. The flight (SR210) is sheduled for 08:20 P.M. We left the gate at 08:25 taxiied towards 34 where we took off at 08:37. Service was great which included again free drinks prior to takeoff (white wine, water, orange juice) and a FA opening the door of the lavatory for me. Food was some meat cheese, shrimps, cole slaw, dalad and warm bread. Our cruising altitude was 9800m but no info about the speed because they decided to show news on the screens (very interesting without having headsets  Sad ) instead of the inflight information. We touched down on Rwy. 29 at 09:36 P.M with a speed of 227 km/h and reached our gate A08 at 09:40 P.M. which was 5 minutes ahead of the sheduled time of 09:45 P.M. It was fun flying with Swissair.
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RE: VIE -> ZRH -> VIE On Swissair Business Class

Sat Apr 14, 2001 1:52 am

Hallo Peter

thanks for this trip report. Apparently SR changed - or is about to change - the meal service on short European flights.

BTW, did you take some pics at ZRH? And where from?

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