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Tue Apr 17, 2001 12:37 pm

NW 1407
Seat: 02A
Scheduled Departure: 12:30P
Actual Departure: 12:27P

This flight was about totally full. I checked early and the agent told me that I could buy an upgrade for $50. I went ahead and did that and I am glad I did! The flight pushed back a couple of minutes early from IAD and we had three friendly flight attendants. After takeoff First Class was served a light lunch which inclued a very large club sandwich, pickle, and two chocolates. I also had tomato juice and coffee in the big Northwest mug. I was very impressed with the catering on the flight as the flying time was announced at 1 hour and 2 minutes. I found the seating to be comfortable and I liked the foot rest that folds down from the seat infront. The airplane was very nice inside and very clean! We landed about 25 minutes early and took the long taxi past the new terminal. They have already put a lot of the jetways in and from the outside the terminal is looking very complete. We held for a few minutes near the new terminal. We arrived at the gate one minute behind schedule and there was an agent who informed me that my gate had been changed so I thought that was nice.

This Flight: 10/10
The airplane was very new inside and out, the seating was comfortable, the food was excellent, and the flight attendants were very professional.

NW 3502
RJ 85
Seat: 03A
Scheduled Departure: 3:25P
Actual Departure: 3:21P

Another very nice aircraft and full flight. The legroom in First Class on the RJ is very good and the seats are wide and recline very nicley. The head rests have built in wings to rest agaisnt and the back moves up and down for neck support. We left the gate a few minutes early and taxied for long time. As we turned onto the taxiway parallel to the runway there was a long line of aircraft infront of us. There was alos a few planes in the holding pad. An American F-100, UA 727, and NW DC9 so I figured Chicago must have been suffering delays. The flight was turbulent most of the way once we were airborne. The flight attendants did a drink service in both cabins and that took their seats for the 55 minute flight because it was pretty bumpy. I think the turbulence slowed us down and our our approach into Bloomingto seemed to last for a very long time. The landing was awesome! You hardly felt the airplane touchdown. We taxied to the gate and parked about 10 minutes behind schedule, but with the small, easy terminal I saved the 10minutes and then some than if I had of flown into Chicago. Parking is free at Bloomington and they usually have GREAT fares. They are bulding a new terminal that will better handle the larger flighs they are now getting, BUT parling will still be FREE!!!

This Flight: 8/10
First Class seating was excellent, although the flight was bumpy and a few minutes late into Bloomington.

I had another great trip with NW. They really are doing very well these days and I enjoyed the First Class I was offered by the friendly people at IAD.
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Tue Apr 17, 2001 7:19 pm

Great Report, loved reading it!!

Glad to hear NWA doing well!!



Tue Apr 17, 2001 11:03 pm

Another awesome report nwa747-400!!!!

So good to see you enjoy you NWA flights and that you enjoyed you upgrade to first class.

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