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Domnestic US Flights UA, DL And WN

Fri Apr 20, 2001 12:32 am

I flow with United Shuttle from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on a Boeing 737-500 aircraft. The Purser, Ivana was very friendly the other 2 flight attendants not very much. View was very nice over Los Angels and Nevada. There were ear-phones in every seat, so you could listen Music or to the Cockpit, this was interesting, you could hear all what they have spoken during flight. Very nice. Service was extremly bad, only water without ice was offered. Bad. No snack, only water. On American Airlines flight they gave you all choice of beverages and this was also only a 50 min flight. By the way I love Las Vegas.

From Las Vegas I flow with Delta Airlines to Salt Lake City on a Boeing 767-300 on the morning flight. Check-in employe was extremly frienldy, I checked by First Class in, because I said to the woman that I have an Air France Fréquence Plus card. I flow Economy. Service on board was a shame, just bad. The plane was very nice, I had an window seat like always. The flight attendants were all quite old and very unfriendly. They had a TV screen in the gangway but they showed us only the safety insctruction there. Nothing else and finaly the have forgotten to close the TV screen before landing. They had only water, orange juice and coffe on board (the same for First Class). They just gave us the beverages in Economy Class without glass. Just coffee was served in a plastic cup. This was really terrible. They gave us also a snack which tasted like old cereals. No wonder that all people brought their own food and beverages on board. Delta is for me a very bad airline. Swissair and Crossair offers even a much better serive in Economy Class than Delta does in First. It was a shame.

From Salt Lake City I flow wiht Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-300 to Seattle. Flight was full when we went on board in SLC. The seats looked not so nice, but they were Ok. To bad that you don't have a seat number. I prefer that, but Southwest Airlines was quite good. On this afternoon flight we could choose between some beverages and they gave us different snack, which was very Ok. Southwest was for me a very positive surprise. Young and friendkly flight attentands, good plane, good service and all that. The cloths from the Crew was funny.

Hope to hear mor einputs from you
Mike from Switzerland
America West
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RE: Domnestic US Flights UA, DL And WN

Fri Apr 20, 2001 1:27 am

You got ear-phones on a flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas?? Wow. I only thought that they had those on longer flights.

I had a flight from Charlotte to Orlando and there were televisions all along the ceiling down the center of the cabin, but they were used for nothing except the emrgency breifing. It was a nice flight though. It was at night. I just sat and ate my pizza from the terminal, and watched all of the lightning out of the window (there was a bad storm hours before).

RE: Domnestic US Flights UA, DL And WN

Fri Apr 20, 2001 1:36 am

Too bad you never flew America West. I heard they're on par with Singapore.
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RE: Domnestic US Flights UA, DL And WN

Sun Apr 22, 2001 8:37 am

I always find the Younger Flight Attendants to be much more nicer than the older ones!!


PS Great trip report!!

RE: Domnestic US Flights UA, DL And WN

Mon Apr 23, 2001 6:20 pm

America West: UA keeps them in the seatback pocket from what I heard.

Next time, try National Airlines. LAX-LAS. They give out a full service, plus by the middle of this year, they should have their planes equipped with the new soda fountain carts. 12 types of drinks plus water, soda water, and coffee/tea. And can't forget the peanuts Big grinAll of that on a 40 min. 757 flight.
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RE: Domnestic US Flights UA, DL And WN

Tue Apr 24, 2001 3:46 am

Hi guys. Thank you for all your comment. Hope to hear more from you all. Lowfareaire: I would like to try National Airlines. I saw them a lot on their hub at Las Vegas airport. I prefer Boeing aircrafts instead Airbus.
Up to now American Airlines is for my the best US airline. I think Midwest Express is also good, but I have never flown with them. AA is just great. I guess National too. Sounds good their concept? Are they a full fare airline or only a lowfare? Their service sounds really good. United Shuttle was a very bad service. Head phones were Ok, but service was bad. But anyway I like the USA very much. This was already my 5th time there and I will come again.... Nex time again with American and Swissair. Also Northwest Airlines was bad on domnestic flights. Just 3 Flight Attendants on a full A320. Stupid. American had 4 F/A's in their MD80.
Greets from rainy Switzerland

RE: Domnestic US Flights UA, DL And WN

Tue Apr 24, 2001 7:04 pm

They are a 'discount' airline. Not an easyJet or a PEOPLExpress, but they don't have major airline prices either.

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