It's The Highest Fare Game!

Fri May 11, 2001 11:44 am

Time for some competition...
As a goof one slow saturday night, some co-workers and I played the find the shortest scheduled flight game and the find the highest fare game. The winner of the highest fare game that night was JNB-OGG. Since the shortest scheduled flight has been covered in previous posts, I present the rules of this game:
-Point to point one way, any class, any airline
-Present fares in US dollars (as many worldwide
players will attest there are quite a few Americans who
aren't aware of any currency besides green-backs)
-Give enough detail to prove your claim

Respectfully Submitted,
CO Cargo
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RE: It's The Highest Fare Game!

Fri May 11, 2001 5:19 pm

When you say point to point, are you referring to one flight number for the entire trip or are you meaning changing planes enroute as many times as you want and also if changing planes does it have to be with-in mileage or can we go upto a 25M surcharge?


RE: It's The Highest Fare Game!

Sat May 12, 2001 2:16 pm

Ah the hell with it. 24 hours after this seemed like a good idea I realize this post sucks.

Respectfully Submitted,
CO Cargo

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