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Monday 5 March 2001
Flight:Lauda Air NG22
From/To:Denpasar(DPS)-Wien(VIE) via BKK
Aircraft:B777/200er OE-LPB (Ernest Hemingway)
Code-sharing:OS and TG on BKK-VIE route
Scheduled:18:50-04:35 (local time)
3 hours 45 minutes DPS-BKK
1 hours and 10 minutes stopover in BKK
10 hours and 10 minutes BKK-VIE
Take off in DPS:19:10
landing in VIE:04:40
Seating capacity:344
Amadeus class:42 (2+3+2)
Economy:302 (3+3+3) in the middle part of the aircraft,(3+4+3) in the back part.

Economy facilities:every seats with PT'S with 8 movies channels,one air show channel and one channel connecting with a videocamera to show take-off and landing from pilot view.10 audio programme.
Also every economy seat has a Skyphone,PC games and some video directory to have information about Lauda and OS destinations,Lauda fleet,history of Lauda, Star alliance news and up-dated world news.To use the directiry u have to use the skyphone as a joystik and move inside the menu u can see on the PT'V.

I flow a lot of time with Lauda Air Italy on charters long-haul from Milan MXP to holiday destinations,but it was my first time on a Lauda Air Austria division aircraft.
Seats in economy are normal (not too large) but legroom is great.I was seated 27A near the window.We took-off from Bali 20 minutes late due to ATC traffic (I think).Before us there were a Jal mdd-11 and 2 GA A330.
Information on boar were in German first,than in English.
On DPS-BKK 76 passenger on board.Fly to BKK was great,no turbolence,great dinner with 2 choosing.Crew were from Thahiland except one who was European.Very nice oriental girls (they look like to be 20/22 years old).They dressed casual with jeans.
The landing in BKK was great even if after it we waited 15 minutes for the push-back of a Thay A300 from gate 46 (but I really don't remember the gate number!).Finally we got our jetway free to be used!!!
In BKK all crew were changed and we went in the terminal building with a transit boarding pass.So after re-boarding we took the same seat.In BKK a lot of people took our flight.This time trere were on boar 337 passenger.The new crew were half European/Oriental and seem again very young!!!
Before take off we wait 25 minutes cause trere were 8 aircrafts:SK B763, KL B763, TG B744, TG B744, TG mdd-11, TG B744, LH B744 and BA B744.
Take off was great,again a dinner with 2 choose,but this time was more European style, crew were always friendly and polite. I stayed in the back talked with an 21 years old crew from Austria for 2 hours.She told me that the 90% of NG staff are under 30's.
Two hours before landing in Wien a hot breakfast was served.Finally we landed in VIE and stopped at gate A-02.Lauda was very great and cheap!!!
At 7:35 I had my connection to MXP,but this time I flew OS.



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F/a's in jeans ? doesn't sound good.
NG packs their 777s with 344 PAX ? Quite a lot isn't it.
AF has 254 I belive incl. a first class section.

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It seem a lot of people 344,but at the end it was more comfortable than B763 SK economy!!
F/a are more friendly than other airlines probably cause are young.
NG won 3 international awards last year for their service.Check on their web site
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I also had a great flight on a Lauda Air 777 a few years ago from KUL to SYD. It was one of the best flights I have ever been on; great food, friendly service and lots of different types of inflight entertainment as so well described by Airblue. The777Man
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