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Tue May 29, 2001 11:20 pm

Hi all,
Had some nice flight time this past Sunday, steering around the weather here on the east coast. Midway Flight 377 MCO-RDU was on-time, using 737-700 N362ML (the same plane also took us all the way to MCO on 5/19, flt 862, and was VERY boring). The RDU-BOS portion was more interesting.
When JI 7 (also on N326ML) was announced, they told us that due to fog in BOS, our scheduled 5:45 departure time was being pushed back to as late as 7:30, but to stay in the gate area as we could receive clearance at any time. So, we went to grab a drink, and that must have done the trick, because no sooner had we paid for it than boarding was announced! I was stuck in 15F, but could've moved if I'd wanted to, as about 15 or so seats were empty. First was full--one non-rev pilot, the rest regular folks. We got off about 15 minutes late, and the ride was somewhat choppy as we steered around some weather. Lots of altitude and speed changes. Capt. Bob and FO John did a great job, taking us up to flt lvl 370 for some smoother air, and they gave us a tour of the cockpit after we landed, but my camera battery had died!!
As we approached BOS, about 15 miles out, we could see the fog layer below a broken layer of clouds at about 3000'. We flew a straight in approach to rwy 4R, and the only landmark I saw was the top 20 or so feet of the West Quincy telecom tower sticking out through the fog. We didn't break out of the fog until we were going over the South Boston seaport area. Visibility was about 1 mile (reported at half a mile, but you could see Winthrop ok), and ceiling was about 150-200'. BOS was dead when we arrived; saw only a Sabena flight departing.
Kudos to the AA baggage people for a change! Our bags were on the belt before we got there--that NEVER happens at Logan!!!

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