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This trip happened about a year ago, but I thought I would share it anyway. The last week of August, 2000, I was supposed to start school for the year, but the basemnt flooded in the school, so my family and I made a split descision to fly to Orlando. We looked at all airlines out of CLE, way too much, so we found AirTran. Big difference in price.
We were to leave from the Akron-Canton Regional Airport on Monday, Aug. 28, 2000, on an AirTran DC-9 at 6:45 AM. Flight number escapes my memory. Unfortuantely, there was a heavy fog that morning, and our flight didn't arrive until 2:45 PM! Both the scheduled 2:30 and the delayed 6:45 flights were at the terminal. SInce this is like Ma & Pa Kettle's airport, the almost 200 people waiting was the biggest crowd I've ever seen at this airport. So, eventually, we boarded our little DC-9-32 via. jetway!
the weather was very nice when we arrived in ATL around 4, and found our new connecting flight to MCO. Our original flight to MCO was on another DC-9, but the new connecting flight we had was none other than one of their quartet of 737-200's.
The weather was beautiful when we arrived in MCO around 5:30, and got stuck in the elevator on our way to the baggage claim area.
On Sept. 1st, we had checed out of the hotel, and arrived at MCO around 11AM, to catch our flight to ATL at 4:30! Luckly the ticket agent noticed empty seats on two earlier flights to ATL and CAK respectively. The flight to ATL left at 12:30PM on one of AirTran's new 717's. WOW, was it nice! It was clean quiet, and it didn't have the airplane smell.
We arrived in ATL at 1:45 in slightly rough weather. We had deplaned at one side of the concourse, so we had to run to the other end to meet our connecting flight. Then, AirTran told us that flight had been changed and was going to Flint, Michigan, and said we had to look for the sign which had our flight # on it, which was 956. That's the only one I remember because I saved the luggage tag! Eventually, we found our flight to CAK, which was another DC-9. We took off, and luckly our pilot was veryskilled at dodging thunderstorms, so the only discomfort that flight was the sharp banking during climbout because of spotty thunderstorms in our flightpath.
Returning to CAK, it was nice. There were no complaints about that landing!
The only food served on all flights was a small package of party mix, really good though, and a can of pop.
I highly recomend AirTran, they are very friendly and helpful, and their aircraft's interiors were all very clean. Even though you always hear bad things about AirTran, they really are a good company!

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