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I don't know if this would have been more or less wordy had I written this a few weeks ago when I got back, but here's a trip report from my flights to LAX, going to an engineering student event at Palmdale. In order to make it a bit easier to scroll through, I have posted the trip to LAX as one post, and the return trip as a separate response in this thread.

June 7th
Winnipeg International Airport
My ride dropped me off at YWG a little later than I usually arrive at the airport, so I went immediately to the checkin line. I had arrived at around 11:20, about 40 minutes before my flight was to depart, and was surprised at how long the checkin line was considering it was Thursday at noon (which is in between the mid-morning and mid-afternoon banks of flights). The line moved fairly quickly so after about 15 minutes I checked in, the agent informed me boarding was already started so I grabbed my carryon and hurried to the security checkpoint. I went through security, and headed to gate S (position 28) at the south end of the terminal. I could see the nose of the Fokker through the window, it was in the old Canadian Airlines colours, and I was actually pleased to be flying on it rather than on the newly painted one I had seen parked at the other end of the terminal.

Canadian Regional flight AC8457

Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © Rob Rindt

Having never flown aboard an F28 before, I enjoyed it being a different aircraft type. When boarding from the jetway I had been able to read "Spirit of Kelowna." While walking to my seat I was already starting to regret not having taken the time to get a photo of the aircraft from the terminal. I put my bag into the overhead bin (a perfect fit, I might add), and settled into seat 11B. The interior was in Canadian Airlines blue, although the crew uniforms were now Air Canada green. The cabin appeared clean and in fairly good shape, and although the seats, overhead bins and aisles were all a slight bit smaller than on 737's or DC9's, they seemed reasonable enough for a regional aircraft. The windows were a pleasant oval-shape, but although they look quite large from the outside they were basically the same size as regular airliner windows. Looking out I could see an AC DC9 parked at gate 26, as well as an AC A320 as it taxied past, heading to gate 30. After all the passengers were aboard and the door was closed I was glad to see that 11A was indeed empty, the flight being a comfortable 2/3 to 3/4 full. Pushback was on-time, and after engine startup we taxied to runway 18. I watched a Nolinor CV540 coming in on the taxiways-the old Convairs are always nice to see. When driving in I had also noticed another rather nice looking CV580 parked at the cargo ramp, owned and operated by Kelowna Flightcraft but chartered to and painted for Wollaston Lake Lodge. Also, although not a Convair, but nonetheless an aesthetically pleasing classic was a Calm Air HS.748, freshly painted and sitting on the main apron.

From the time the engines started, I knew it was going to be a bit noisy. It was noisy while we taxied, and noisy on takeoff. The view was good on takeoff, but I only had a few minutes to enjoy it before we ascended into the clouds. I had hoped that it would be a little quieter when we reached our cruising altitude, but it didn't seem like it. The flight attendants served lunch at about 20 minutes into the flight: it was a box lunch consisting of a sandwich, some carrots, grapes, and a Coffee Crisp (a type of candy bar, for those not familiar with Canuck confections  Smile). When the drink cart came around I chose orange juice. Lunch was quite good, after I'd finished I settled in to flip through the enRoute in-flight magazine. An hour later the flight attendants came around again and passed out some candies. About then I decided to switch over to seat 11A so I wouldn't have to lean over to look out the window. The wings looked clean and aerodynamic, as though the grey colour was fairly recently painted. We had started to descend towards Calgary, and as we broke through the scattered clouds I noticed the four lane highway running through the farmland below. After a few moments I recognized it as the Trans-Canada Highway just east of Strathmore. Throughout the flight it was difficult to hear any announcements over the PA system, due to the noise, and as I watched the flaps extending I had to wonder if the flaps were really that quiet, or if it was just the engine noise drowned out any flap noise. Being only a few rows from the back, the noise probably was louder than at the front, but I had a great view of the wing. We landed in Calgary on runway 28, taxied past the terminal giving a good view of construction cranes over the D concourse, several WestJet 737-200's, a Continental 737-300, Skywest/Delta CRJ, two Air Canada 737-200's and an AC A319. We pulled in to gate A11, right next to a Canadian Regional Dash8-300 in transitional colours. As the engine noise finally died down I made a mental note to myself to bring along earplugs if I ever take an F28 again. I waited a few minutes for the cabin to clear a bit before getting off the plane. I had gone slightly out of my way to fly the F28, and as an airplane enthusiast I'm glad I did, but the noise level aboard these old birds makes me glad I don't fly regularly on them.

Calgary International Airport
As soon as I got off the aircraft I remembered that I had wanted an interior shot of the aircraft, but it was too late by then, so I dug out my camera and got a pair of exterior shots of the F28 I had just arrived on before it departed.

Having taken an earlier flight than necessary for my connection (in order to fly on the F28), I had a few hours to spend at YYC. I wandered around concourse A for a while. A few changes had been made, the duty-free store was redone nicely, and Tim Hortons and the newsstand had relocated to a more convenient location, just past security (although to be honest I liked the old Tim Horton's location better, and didn't care for the bar that had gone into it's place). I walked back to the end of the concourse, where I could see several F28's parked at the hangar just south of the terminal: there was 2 or 3 outside, and another 2 inside. I walked back along the concourse, and watched a 737 depart gate 12 for Vancouver. I still had a few hours before my flight would depart, so I decided to stay in the secured area for a while and settled in near gate A16 to watch aircraft. I observed NW 320's, several F28's (CP and Horizon), AA MD80's, WJ 732's, SmartAir PC-12's, Central Mountain B1900D's, C3 332, AC 762, C3 757's, UA 735's, and a Skywest CRJ in special colours. I noticed C-FTAY return from YLW, and I had a short glimpse of WJ's new 737-700 at it taxied past. From 16:00 to 19:00 was a good time to see heavies, including 2 AC 343's, a TS 333, AC 767, CP 763, C3 757's and 332's. I was also glad to see C-FLSF, a CP 320 in Proud Wings.

At about 16:15 I left concourse A, and went into the main terminal. I've always been proud to have called YYC my home airport, it's a great terminal and the work that's been done in the last while looked really good. The main lobby area looked fantastic, although I was a bit disappointed by the over-commercialization (IMO) of one strip of space that just seemed too shopping-mallish to me. The viewing area, complete with binoculars and a cctv camera system (mounted on the tower so one could view everything on the apron) was excellent, although the viewing deck was a bit far back from the windows for photography, and lacking in seating. After watching aircraft from there for a while (including a C3 732 C-FRYL in white/red), I wandered through the skywalks to the airport office building, and went down through the baggage claim areas (I wonder what they're going to do with all the old car rental booths, now that that's centralized in the parkade?). All in all YYC really is a nice, and very clean terminal. I also noticed that widening of the existing concourse D now had some steelwork in place, although the concourse D extension didn't seem to have moved along at all in the time since I was there last (still the same foundations, it looked like).

After getting something to eat, I went to check in for my flight at about 18:15. Pre-clearing US Customs was easy, the customs area was quite empty and the inspector was very friendly. As I only had my carryon, I walked past the checked baggage belt and went through security, like in YWG the guards were very nice and courteous, and then I went up to my gate, C26. I tried to get the registry on the aircraft I would fly, but couldn't see it from the boarding lounge. I made two calls on my cellphone, walked back down concourse C a little way to watch a NW 320 arrive, and to get a photo of an AA MD80, and went back to C26 to sit down for the last few minutes before boarding.

Air Canada flight AC763

Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © AirNikon

Upon reaching row 14, I was quite happy to see that not only not only was 14F a window seat, but it was also the coveted exit-row. I put my bag into the overhead bin (it fit loosely now, as the A320 bins were quite a bit bigger than on the F28's) and took my seat. I watched C-FTWJ, a WestJet 737-200 being pushed back from gate 25A (a relatively rare WJ chartered flight, headed to LAS), and shortly thereafter two Canada3000 A330-200's arrived, parking at gates 25A and 25. The flight attendants came around with newspapers, I got a copy of the Calgary Herald and alternated my attention between the newspaper and the window. We pushed back on time, taxied on G then F, and then departed on runway 28. This time the plane was only about 35-40% full, and I had all three seats to myself. I was looking forward to listening to the audio entertainment, reading the newspaper, and having a nice quiet flight, but the person in 14A knew me, so he came over and sat in 14E and wanted to talk. Generally I'm fine with that, but at the time I wasn't really in a mood for it but was too polite to ignore him, so I ended up in 2-1/2 hours of unwanted conversation about his latest get-rich scheme, on what could have otherwise been an extremely pleasant flight. For dinner I chose the chicken, which although it was rather standard fare aboard AC, it was fairly good. A glass of orange juice, a cup of coffee, and a glass of water later I was still listening to my neighbour talk, but as the sky darkened and we were starting to descend towards LAX conversation subsided and I had a few minutes to look out the window. I could see the lights of other aircraft lining up on approach, and I watched as we came in for landing. We took several minutes to taxi to T2, and my neighbour and I both watched as we passed various TWA aircraft, an ATA L1011, some QF 747's, ANZ 747's, US 757's, past an NW 757 and finally pulling into gate 22 right on schedule.

Los Angeles International Airport
Although I was now at LAX, I had wait for about two hours to meet up with two others who were coming via YVR (I'm a patient person. And if you've read this far, so are you Big grin). When I had arrived T2 was a zoo, crammed with people, but after ANZ flights departed and the NW 757 left, it was settled down a bit. I tried to check the registry of the plane I had come on, but couldn't see it. The flight from YVR came in on time at about 23:30, but although the terminal was quiet the baggage claim was a bit congested with passengers coming in on a Hawaiian DC10. We caught a rental car shuttle bus at about 24:00 (or is it 00:00  Smile) which took an extremely long time to reach the depot, due to heavy traffic, construction in one lane, and what seemed to be rather poor traffic flow. And from there, we drove to Palmdale. I guess the weekend was aviation related as well, but I won't report on that... for the return flight, see first reply posting in this thread...
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Part II

Fri Jul 06, 2001 9:59 am

June 11th
Los Angeles International Airport
We had jumped the gun a bit in heading for the airport, and arrived at 04:45 for a flight that departed at 08:00. I didn't mind, we took our time to get to the rental car depot, and to take the shuttle bus to the airport. As nothing had opened at T2 at the time, we walked over to T3, found a spot to sit down and the others went for some food. I wasn't hungry, just tired, but I pulled out my book to kill the time rather than risking sleep. Time passed surprisingly quickly, and by 6:30 we went back to T2, and had to wait in line to check in. Security was rather impersonal and seemingly like cattle-herding compared to the friendly checks at YYC and YWG, but at least it was reasonably quick, and we headed to gate 23 straight away.

Canadian Airlines flight AC3540 (not technically Canadian anymore, saying AC on an airplane in CP colours didn't feel right)

Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © Richard Austen

Aboard the old-colours CP 737-200, I found seat 11F to be just one row behind the seat I had really wanted-the one with double legroom due to the exit row. My seat was pretty good, though, enough space and quite comfortable. The plane was roughly 70% full, but luckily there was nobody in either of the two seats beside me. We pushed back a few minutes early, taxied for departure to 24L, and I noted the US 767, Skywest Embraer, and SW 737 behind us. I almost never sleep on airplanes, but I hadn't slept at all the previous night and had very little sleep the night before, so before we even reached cruise altitude I had nodded off. I woke up a little over an hour later to find that I had missed breakfast, but felt very refreshed for the rest. There was now a Canada Customs declaration slip sitting on the seat beside me, so I filled it out. Not long after that we started our descent, eventually breaking through the cloud and flying over Vancouver to land on 26R, with a great view from my seat of the thrust reversers deploying. We taxied past a variety of aircraft (Cathay, Transat, AC/CP, Alaska, etc), and pulled into gate 87.

Vancouver International Airport
After deplaning I walked down to customs, but stopped just before going down to the customs area to note that the aircraft I had arrived on carried fin number 540. I then proceeded to the customs inspection line, with my passport and declaration form in hand. This time there was a few minutes waiting before inspection, but at least the customs inspection was hassle-free. As I had just my carryon I didn't really need to wait for the baggage claim, but my friends had taken the same flight as I did this time, I waited with them for luggage. As a 747-load of passengers and baggage just arrived from Asia, so there was a pretty thick crowd at the area to leave customs. We then took the elevator up to the departures level, and found ourselves at the food court. It had been a while since I had been at YVR, and I must say that it's a beautiful terminal, but also functional. I didn't even recognize it (but I suppose that if I went down towards the domestic checkin it would seem at least a bit more familiar). Anyways, we headed to our departure gate, which was C33, and after getting boarding passes stamped as AIFEX (Airport Improvement Fee Exempted for connecting passengers), and clearing security, we went to the boarding lounge. Unfortunately my string of on-time flights came to an end there, as the agent announced that due to a mechanical problem the flight would be delayed. I watched out the window and noticed various aircraft taxi past, especially several AC 340's, but also 767's, 744's, and various other aircraft from several airlines. After a while it was announced that the aircraft was being towed from the hangar, but it was several minutes later when a 737 taxied up to the gate.

Canadian Airlines flight AC3622

Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © Martin Vézina

Well, it just so happens that I got lucky, as even though the flight was late, and although it was quite full, I was given the opportunity to take the jumpseat, which I gladly accepted. After stowing my bag I was welcomed into the cockpit and strapped myself in. I was given a safety briefing, kinda cool to be given one personally by the captain, none of that "tray tables upright" stuff, he just gave instructions for the safety harness, for pulling down the oxygen mask, and for opening the cockpit windows in the event of emergency Big grin. Then, after the captain cleared up something about baggage with the ground crew (apparently the holds were right full) we pushed back. I watched the tug go back to the gate, and we taxied out, around the terminal, past the domestic terminal, past a 737 being towed to a gate (probably the one that they had said would be towed to our gate), continued past some freighters and then onto the runway. The captain pushed the throttles forward, and we accelerated down the runway, and then up up and away. It wasn't long before we passed through the clouds (again-why is it always cloudy when I'm flying?), we had climbed to about 26,000' before the crew was a little less busy and chatted for a bit. We continued to ascend, and it wasn't until we'd reached our altitude of 31,000' that I finally noticed the aircraft registration plate that I had been looking for since getting aboard, placed behind where the copilots hands had blocked my view of it. I was aboard C-GCPZ, I asked and was given confirmation that it was an ex-CPAir airplane. He said the -217's were better than the -275's (ex-PWA), as they had more fuel, more power, and a navigation computer. I asked, and the captain was ex-CPAir, somehow I had guessed that by the way he had said the CP airplanes were better than the PW's (probably true, but there was also some nostalgia there in the same way that I have heard and ex-PWA mechanic say he likes the -275's). We passed a QN 757 in flight, and through the scattered clouds below I recognized the terrain, and from my looking at the navigation charts and the frequencies being input into guidance I knew we were over Medicine Hat. There was some discussion on new airplanes, but they didn't seem to have much info yet. The time seemed to fly by while talking with the crew and watching the ground, instruments, and charts and pretty soon we were flying over southern Manitoba. Due to our late departure there was some connecting passengers who wanted information relayed to their connections, particularly a fellow travelling to Chicago. The folks on the ground had to put him on a Northwest flight via MSP, but there was time for some people heading to Flin Flon to make their connections. The clouds broke up a bit, and the captain pointed out the Portage la Prairie airport below us. We approached Winnipeg from the south, the captain had been hoping for runway 31 due to the wind, but it had to be 36 because 31 is being rebuilt. We had a nice smooth approach, and a great landing, although my attention was rather preoccupied by the B1 and several fighters parked on the 17 Wing ramp (seeing them I was disappointed to have missed the airshow that weekend). We turned onto the taxiways and headed to the terminal, I could see the Chicago flight departing (that connecting passenger would have held it up too long, as he would still have had to pass through US preclearance). We pulled in to gate 26, I thanked the captain and copilot, and went to retrieve my bag from the cabin. After getting off the plane I called my ride on my cellphone, and then went up to the observation lounge for a quick photo of C-GCPZ (transitional colours) as the aircraft and crew headed back to YVR. Thanks again to Pat and Doug for the 3622 jumpseat ride, it wasmuch appreciated and quite enjoyable. Also thanks to Lockheed for hosting our event at Palmdale, it was fantastic.
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Great trip AC183. I also had the jumpseat for half the ride on CP 622 in 1998 when going hoMe from YVR-YWG. We also landed runway 36 at night which was really cool. I a glad you had a good trip and please e-mail me the photos of the all the airports. can't wait to see them!
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GREAT Report!

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