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Mon Jul 09, 2001 12:24 pm

July 7th, 2001
CO #344
Scheduled: 8:30
Actual: 8:29

There was a last minute equipment swap to a 737-300
from what was supposed to be a 737-800. The flight
was half empty so the capacity was probably allocated
to another market.

The plane was in good shape, overall. The seats were
a little worn though but the plane looked OK. We taxied
out of C114 (this is the dungeon gate adjacent to the
one where a passenger attacked a Continental agent
and that familiar trial). Plane left one minute early. Quick taxi to runway, takeoff was powerful and smooth and we climbed to 21,000 feet for the 35 minute flight
to Logan Airport. Flight landed 30 minutes early and taxied to Gate 7, for a 9:26 arrival. Beverage service
only in flight. Nice crew and some very tired people
who just arrived on the Anchorage-Newark flight.

July 8th, 2001
CO 335
McDonnell Douglas MD80
Scheduled DP: 3:00
Actual DP: 6:25

Arrived at Logan for the 5PM flight #20 to find out it was an hour and ten minutes late because of a Cape
Air plane crash at Logan that tied up traffic. Luckily,
no one in the Cape Air plane was hurt. I switched to
the CO 335 which was boarding and departed Gate 7
at 6:25pm. Taxied out to runway past UA 757, 767
with the Star Alliance colors, Swissair A330, Alitalia
767, BA 747-200, Aer Lingus A330, Air France 767,
Northwest DC10-30 and American 757. Also saw 2
US Airways A320 Shuttles, one Delta Shuttle 738,
American 738, and Delta 757. Take off was smooth
and powerful. Climbed to 16,000 for 45 minute flight
to Newark. Landed just as the UA 777 nightly to
Heathrow took off. Saw lots of CO 777's, MD80's,
757's, and two 767-400's (CDG and GRU), taxied
past VS 747-400 (G-VFAB), BA 777, El Al 777,
Aer Lingus A330, Singapore Airlines 744. Taxied
into C-114.

All in all pretty decent flights. Short and crew
were nice.

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Tue Jul 10, 2001 5:13 am

You were three hours late getting out of BOS?
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Tue Jul 10, 2001 9:41 am

No, I was 90 minutes late but it didn't matter. I was booked on the 5PM flight, which was rescheduled for
6:30. I got to the airport at 4:45 and was told that
the 3PM flight was boarding, because it had been
delayed due to a runway closure at Logan Airport,
following the Cape Air crash. I boarded the 3PM
flight at 5:45. It pushed back at 6:25 so I really
was only 90 minutes late. My flight, departed at
6:45 and arrived 10 minutes later than the one
I got on. It was a mess for the passengers that
were booked on flight 344 but not for me.


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