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IAD To Shreveport On Continental

Wed Jul 18, 2001 11:57 pm

This is a trip I do a couple times a year. Usually I leave from BWI, but this time the fare from Dulles was cheaper. For our flight to IAH (Houston Intercontinental) where we would connect to Shreveport, we boarded a 737-500 for the approximately 2.5 hour flight. We made it on about five minutes before push back Our check-in/baggage check was delayed because there was a long line that wasn't moving. This was because Continental's flights to Cleveland, and Newark had been cancelled, and delayed. Thus we had to sweat it for a while while the ticket agents fretted with some unhappy customers. Finally they called all the Houston people through and we finally got our boarding passes, and were able to check our bags.
The plane seemed fairly new to me. It was very clean, and all in all a pretty comfortable ride. The only complaint with the 737-500 was I noticed in the plane specs, the top cruise speed was only 495mph. I guess it's the slow 737. Service was decent, cold breakfast with two drink services. As soon as you touch down at IAH you realize you're in Continental country. Their planes probably outnumber all others 10 to 1. Lots of 737's, DC-10's, and MD-80's. Also saw a couple 777's and 767's. As we get off the plane we're directed to Continental's commuter terminal, I think it's terminal B. There we board a EMB-120. This was a new experience in that all my past connections to Shreveport had been on ATR-42's. This particular EMB-120 wasn't too impressive. I'm big on cleanliness, and this was a pretty dirty plane. Nonetheless the flight was smooth, and my only gripe would be that the girl sitting in front of me forgot her purse in the terminal. Thus we got delayed about 15 minutes. Not a big deal though, because we still arrived in Shreveport on time.


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