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Sun Jul 22, 2001 3:54 am

Yesterday, July 20th, I went to Pittsburgh to visit the Community College of Beaver County. My dad and I flew Airtran for just $108 each r/t! It's been double that for as long as I can remember. Anyway, in the morning, we were on FL1521, departing at 0700 and arriving at 0820 on a 717-200. This was my first trip on the Boeing 717. We were seated in 15A and 15C. After pushing back from gate F13 at 0652, we taxied down Echo, west on Sierra, and onto 27L for takeoff. The takeoff roll was very quick, and I saw out the window that we were off the ground with 6000 feet to go, so we used up about 5000 feet to get airborne. Not bad! We made a slight left turn for noise abatement, and then climbed to our cruise alt. at FL220. We descended to PIT 20 min. later and landed on RWY 10R. Thanks to Captain Dean Matthews and First Officer Joel Kriesher for letting me visit up front and get a picture.

Later, we returned to PIT for our 1915 departure on the same 717, this time flown by Capt. Ken Edwards and F/O Kelly Davis. We were scheduled to arrive at PHL at 2030. Well, the plane was coming from PHL, and didn't arrive at the gate until 1915, so we boarded at 1945 and took off at 2015. After departing runway 28R after at 13 min. ground hold, we turned right to about 090 heading, climbed at little, and then did a giant 360 degree left turn, which I am assuming was for killing time due to other air traffic. We descended into PHL over Harrisburg, and landed on RWY 9R and taxied to the gate. Now I can add the 717 to my list of been-on-Boeings.
Now I need to find a 707!
Thank you AirTran for the "low fare liberation" of Pennsylvania!



Tue Jul 31, 2001 10:07 am

Was there inflight service of any kind on the flight, just curious.

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