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Fri Jul 27, 2001 1:11 am

hello everyone,
I've just had a chance to relax here for a minute in madison and thought i would give details of my trip.

12:25 scheduled departure
gate A2
MD88- N902DE OLD OLD c/s

my brother and I boarded this worn md88 right on schedule at about 12 o clock. of course as soon as i got on board i headed to the cockpit to converse w/ the captain since the young F/O was making the walk around. The captain was a great guy and he shared a lot of info w/ me. our plane's gross weight for the flight was 130,000lbs and we were expected to cruise at M.77 at FL290. due to this being a relatively short flight, he was also planning on climbing at 3000fpm until reaching FL200!!! what a performer (md88)!! after reading the weather metar, i thanked him and headed back to my seat 19A before the pushback. we ended up pushing back at 12:30
"Ladies and gentlemen welcome aboard delta flt serving Pensacola to Atlanta Hartsfield inl aiport"
we did a quick taxi to rwy 35
"from the flightdeck of your md88, welcome aboard , we are number one for t/o and will be departing shortly"
we then lined up on rwy 35 and held there for a minute. We then received clr. for t/o and the captain held the brakes and smootly applied power to the md88. the plane started vibrating and the engines were roaring as he released the brakes. We then shot down the rwy and used about 3/4 of the small rwy here at PNS. flaps were quickly retracted as we headed toward montgomery VOR station. the interior of the plane was in great shape. and I must say that i love the new delta f/a's uniforms. very classy and nice. The in flight service was very prompt and friendly and that is what I expect from delta. after reaching cruise altitude after a short time, we had an announcement
"ladies and gentlemen a little update from the cockpit, ATC is slowing us down and it looks like we will be arriving from the southeast into ATL".
i figured this was to happen since it is a short flight and ATL is very busy. you could hear the engines spooling up and then spooling back down again, it was fun!! after about 45 min we were on final approach into ATL and I guess ATC vectored us again b/c this time we were lined up for approach on 9R. the best sight was seeing a Swissair A330 converging on rwy 8L for app at the same time. It was a rare treat to be flying approach next to a carrier other than delta at ATL. the approach was very smooth and we touched down at 2:25 etz. We then had a quick taxi back to terminal and ironically parked at gate A2, the same gate i left at in PNS! Overall excellent flight, the interior was in good shape considering the view of the exterior, hehe. Although I like the well used look of delta's birds.

we then had a 3 hour layover in ATL and my father had a given us his medallion card so we could go into the crownroom and to make a long story short. they kicked us out and kept our card w/ the reasoning that you have to be 21 (im only 18) to be in the crown room b/c they serve alcohol. and also that the privaledges are only supposed to be used by the card holder, not family. if i would have known, i would have never gone. well slightly pissed off now, my brother and I head to our favorite lounge place in the middle of terminal B w/ a great view of the aircraft movements while eating food and sitting. i set up my scanner and listened to the tower as I watched t/o's on rwy 8R and landings on 8L. One interesting thing I noticed was the number of 767-400’s that delta now has. I must have seen at least 15 throughout the afternoon coming and going. They are a sleek looking a/c. As much a fan of planes that I am, I had to admit by the 3rd hour I was very tired and bored. I thought it was going to be another hour before our next flight, but my brother told me that I forgot to change my watch over to etz from central and so that meant we had 50 minutes left. Now i was excited as this was to be my first 757 flight. We walked over to terminal A real fast and down to almost the last gate A32 to see our Delta 757

DL 757-N681DE
Old old c/s (which looks very good on the 757)
scheduled departure time 5:50
pushback time 5:55
takeoff time 6:01

after a quick phonecall to my mom it was time to board on our 757 w/ service from ATL to CVG. I boarded the plane but was too busy doing stuff to go to the cockpit to chat so I never did. This was my first time aboard a 757 and I was impressed. I took my seat 29A and was impressed to find that everyone was given headphones to listen to the IFE radio or episode of Spin City. People have said on this board that they charge 5 dollars. however on ever delta flight I've been on, i've always been given them free. anyhow, we took our seat and watched the tv on the roof and listened to the music before pushback. it was a full flight and soon enough we pushed back at the time mentioned above. it was a great sound hearing those Pratt and Whittney's spool up!! they have a great rumble to them. being that I was on the wing i had a superior view of the flaps and spoiler action. I must note that you can really hear the flaps on the 757 when they are positioned. real noisy , but I don't mind it at all. We quickly taxied to rwy 8R and being that we were so close it didn't take anytime at all.
"ladies and gentlemen glad to have you aboard, we are number 2 for takeoff, f/a's please crosscheck the cabin for t/o"
we waited for a delta 727 in wavy gravy colors to t/o and then we immediately lined up. as were were waiting another 757 was landing on rwy 8L and as he was about to touch down we powered up and man was it a rush of power. The plane just sorta tilted back and the engines roared away as we started trucking down the runway like a kenworth semi!! we soon enough passed that other 757 and then quickly rotated up and climbedout at a high pitch rate. we were then in some clouds and i must say , the whole flight were flying around some very nice buildups and cells. it wasn't that bumpy but other passengers looked nervous as the clouds rose higher than our plane at cruise altitude. I was fine though and I just turned up the volume to listen to dave matthews on the IFE  Smile my only complaint on this flight was lack of message from flight crew such as our cruise altitude and so on. i figured they were busy navigating around storms. at one point during the flight we ended up doing a 360 circle and then a couple of minutes later we had a message
"ladies and gentlemen, we just did a quick 360 to help CVG atc with spacing at the airport, we should be arriving slightly off schedule, but our computer stills shows this flight being 56 minutes long. "
After that I continued to listen to the IFE and look outside b/c the view of the storm systems was pretty spectacular looking. Soon enough we were starting our initial decent into CVG. There was pretty much no view through most of the approach until we were about 10 miles from landing. The was no real turbulence on approach which was nice and we flew past the airport and then turned around to come into 18L. Once again the noise of the flap system was interesting, it was real noticeable. I’m just not used to it b/c I have always flown aboard md88’s and such, but I liked the noise. He must have had to slow down per ATC because we were literally probably 3 miles out and he put out even more flaps to full. The touchdown was flawless and smooth and after the noise made contact, the pilot applied full reverse and braking to do a minimal stop which was great fun!! After taxiing off the active, I then saw the 727 that was right behind us. We then taxied to gate B24 which was nestled right in between another 757 and 767. Overall I was very impressed with my first 757 flight and can’t wait to return home on one!

CVG is a great airport and is now one of my favorites. I like the fact that it is a big intl. Airport, however it tends not to ever seem super busy which is very nice after coming from ATL which seems like everyone in the world is there. I had an hour layover so my brother and I enjoyed some good TCBY yogurt. The only bad thing was that they were out of vanilla, what a crime !! J Soon enough it was twilight and it was time for us to catch the bus connection to the Comair terminal. It is a real enjoyable ride for anyone that has never done it, it is a must. It is great to be driving on the ground right next to some giant aircraft. I snapped away a lot of pics.

8:50 PM
Comair CRJ – 97 colors
Regis. Number - ??? too tired to find out. Hehe

We had to wait no time at all in the comair terminal as we were the first to board on the flight to Madison. My brother and I had flown this flight before last year and after traveling all day, the CRJ’s seats hurt us, but we were pleasantly surprised to see that Comair had given the CRJ’s leather seats. They are far superior to the old a/c seats. After about 10 minutes we pushed back promptly at 8:51. We started up one engine and proceeded to taxi to rwy 18L for departure. I was listening very intently to the safety briefings b/c the F/A on this flight was very beautiful and pretty (hey can’t blame me). We lined up on rwy 18 L and it was right at dusk which made a pretty sight and our CRJ quickly spooled to takeoff power. Like always, takeoffs in crj’s are quite a treat, almost like a fighter jet. We rotated smoothly off and went right into clouds on our way to our altitude of FL260. we had a cloud layer above us for most of the way which made it look like night, even though it hadn’t quite fallen yet. Around Indianapolis, the clouds had some break and the city looked so neat lit up. We continued on toward Chicago and flew over lake Michigan. One note of interest was that we flew right over the White Sox’s stadium and it was all lit up. I used to love watching ball games there when I lived in Chicago. Anyhow after Chicago we started to descend w/ speedbrakes out and in about 15 minutes we were on final approach into Madison. We flew a nice approach into rwy 18 and got a great view of the city and traffic on surrounding highways. The touchdown like every other one was smooth and we decelerated via reverse thrust and then taxied down toward the terminal at the end of the runway. Once off the terminal we waited for about 10 minutes and I don’t know why, b/c we weren’t waiting for a gate, we just have to park anywhere there is space. Well, we finally did park next to a Co-Lite ERJ and then a TWA express parked right next to us in a span of 5 minutes. We quickly got off the plane tired, but happy to be here. Well I would like to thank all of you for reading and I will recap

MD88- still is a great plane, what a climber!!
757- love the noise of it, and power, feels like the Corvette of planes, gotta love the IFE on the short flight!!
CRJ- always a treat, quiet and smooth

If you guys have any questions specifically just ask!!  Smile
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Sat Jul 28, 2001 4:43 am

You're lucky you got out of PNS at 12:30ish, cause that afternoon, like most ones, some pretty strong T-Storms came into the area. I probably saw the plane you were on, because I'm staying over at Scenic Hills (near UWF) and see all planes landing (RWY 17) and see those that depart off of 35. I was outside between 12ish and about 3.

When do you come back? lol I'll probably see you're plane then too  Smile
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Sat Jul 28, 2001 4:44 am

Another thing, ATC seems to always slow the flights that I'm on (PNS-ATL) especially during the afternoon, closer to ATL. I've just come to expect it now.
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Sat Jul 28, 2001 6:21 am

I can't believe that they were so rude to you at the Crown Room. I've been there quite a few times with my dad...and by myself once or twice. Its not like they will serve you alcohol if you are under 21, its just like any other bar or restaurant. Oh well...different people do different things...great report.
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Sat Jul 28, 2001 8:52 am

How would you compare Delta to Jetblue. Even if you haven't flown both, what do you think? Is the MD-80 sound nice an powerful during takeoff? Have you been on a DL727? Are they nice an powerful?

How is CVG? Big? Nice windows? etc. etc.

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Sat Jul 28, 2001 9:56 am

I would always fly delta over jetblue just b/c I'm used to their excellent service. I will try to quickly answer your other questions for you  Smile

MD88- excellent aircraft and has a nice rumble on takeoff if you are in the middle or back of the plane, it is a tad quiet up front however.

727- just got off one 45 minutes ago, the funny thing about these planes are that they are louder taxiing than on takeoff run, due to their hushkits. I simply love the a/c however and am glad I get to fly on them when ever I can. I was just on the wing, and it is amazing to watch the thing change shapes w/ flap configurations etc. I would definetly recommend you try to get on one when ever possible. They won't be around much longer.

As for CVG, i love the airport. For being so huge, it has a real non-busy feel to it. There are a ton of windows all over w/ an excellent view of all ramp activity and some of the runways. It is up there as one of my favorite airports in the US. I have nothing negative to say about cincinnati at all!! If you can connect throught there sometime, go for it  Smile

oh yea, Deltaowns all, I know what you mean, it was rude treatment. I guess they kinda single out kids in there w/ all the other older people, hehe. Right after I got kicked out , I called my mom and told her about 30 minutes later, and they had already received a phone call from delta explaning the situation and how they would be sending the card back. I thought that was a nice way to treat a frequent customer of Delta. Like you said though, I have been in there a lot w/ my dad and I guess this guy was just in one of those moods.

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