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Emirates Trip Report MAN-DXB-BKK

Sun Aug 12, 2001 4:36 pm

OK, here goes my first trip report! (Its Long!)

Date: 20th July 2001
Route: Manchester - Dubai
Airline: Emirates
Aircraft: A330-200 (A6 EAA)

I arrived at Manchester Airport T3 at 10:45am to check in for my 2pm Emirates (EK036) flight to Dubai in economy. Check in was quick and my boarding cards were issued for both of my flights with Emirates. I was through to the departure lounge shortly after 11am. It was my first ever flight from Terminal 3 and the first thing I noticed was how small it was compared to the other two terminals, mainly due to it being primarily a domestic terminal with most flights operated by British Airways and OneWorld members. I had a brief look around some of the shops and had a coffee at Starbucks whilst looking out onto the tarmac. A particular highlight for me was seeing a bmi british midland A330 depart for Washington. I saw many other aircraft including a Delta 777 depart for Atlanta in the following c/s:

Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © Simon Willson

I proceeded to gate 55 about an hour before departure where my aircraft was parked. It was an A330-200 (with the Dubai Summmer Surprises logo on the fuselage):

Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © Chris Sheldon

As I waited at the gate a British Airways 737 bound for Milan was boarding at gate 54. Boarding for my flight commenced at 1:30pm and I made my way to my seat 14K. Newspapers and Menu's were distributed as people took their seats. We pushed back pretty much on time, at 2:05pm and taxied to the new 2nd runway. Take off was smooth and we headed over north Manchester past the Trafford Centre and towards the Pennines. One thing I really liked about Emirates was their onboard cameras. I watched the ground cam as we lifted off the runway which was pretty weird to watch. Looking out of the window I got a great view of the city of Manchester, Old Trafford and the Airport.

The route to Dubai took us eastwards over Sheffield, down the North Sea, over Holland, Germany and the Balkans where we experienced a period of turbulence. We then flew over Turkey, Cyprus, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and on to Dubai. I found the airshow an interesting feature of the inflight entertainment. The PTV's were also very good, touch screen with loads of channels of entertainment and computer games.

Refreshments were served about an hour into the flight, by which time we had reached our crusing altitude of 37,000ft and were travelling at a ground speed of 583mph. I had a Gin and Tonic, as I always do on flights!

Dinner was served 3hrs into the flight and there was a choice of lamb or chicken. I had the chicken which was accompanied with couscous and vegetables. Also included was Prawn Cocktail, Mixed Salad, Chocolate Praline Mousse and Cheese and Biscuits. Steel cutlery was also standard which was a unique experience for me as it was my first scheduled flight ever!!!

After Dinner the cabin lights were dimmed to allow passengers to catch up on sleep. I had a walk around the cabin and the flight was completely full. I found the cabin of the A330 very pleasant in the 2-4-2 config and it felt quite spacious.

5-6hrs into the flight tea and coffee were served and later on choc ices were served which I thought was a nice touch. The cabin crew were excellent and they provided great service throughout the flight. The only thing I would have liked was more announcements from the flight deck, as there were only 2. However, I guess the airshow gives most of the info.

We arrived at Dubai at 12:20am local time, 10 mins late. Our flying time was 7hrs. The aircraft taxied to the terminal and we parked at gate 1 next to another A330 which had arrived from Birmingham. I disembarked and proceeded to the transfer desk for the next leg of my flight.

Route: Dubai - Bangkok
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300 (No Reg. Sorry! It was dark and I was tired!)
Airline: Emirates

I proceeded to gate 23 for my 3:15am flight to Bangkok which was continuing to Hong Kong. I watched the (Huge!) aircraft being prepared for departure. Boarding commenced at 2:40am and I made my way to my seat 10F, this time I was in the middle row. The cabin of the 777 is more open and spacious than that of the A330 and has a config of 3-4-3, however I still felt cramped in the middle row, the window seats are much better in my opinion.

Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © Martin Muhr

We departed on time and taxied to the runway. Again, I watched the onboard cameras. We began our roll down the runway which was very very long and lifted into the air. There was a very loud whining noise in the cabin during takeoff, like on a DC-10, which I thought was a bit strange. Thankfully, this noise stopped once we reached our cruising altitude. Airogyms were handed out to everyone onboard shortly after take off which were complimentary of Emirates. Hot towels were given out followed by a juice service. Lights were then dimmed and I got some well needed sleep. 4hrs later breakfast was served where there was a choice of Omelette or Chicken. Hot towels were again given out before arrival at Bangkok. I watched the approach into Bangkok on the onboard camera and I was surprised to see how much the plane deviates from the centre of the runway during approach, swinging from one side to the other - quite exciting to watch.

Overall, my outward trip was excellent and considering that I had been travelling for 20hrs I felt very comfortable on arrival at Bangkok.

However, my return trip was far from that. I had travelled down to Singapore during my trip through Thailand and caught a flight from Singapore to Dubai on a 777-200, then after two days in Dubai I would fly DXB-MAN. My flight from SIN-DXB was subject to a delay of 15hrs!!!! Which was announced while we were at the gate waiting to board. The delay was due to a navigation system failure. I was accommodated in a hotel but I lost a day of my holiday and now had only one day in Dubai. And it doesn't stop there! After my short stay in Dubai it was time to fly back to Manchester. I was hoping that the plane wouldn't be delayed again. What are the chances of that happening I thought - this is Emirates, worlds best! I Got to the gate, boarded and we pushed back right on time, 7:35am. The aircraft was an A330 Reg. A6 EAC. We then taxied to the runway and began our take off roll. Half way down the runway the engines stopped and take off was aborted. We then turned of the runway and taxied onto a remote stand. The first officer appologised for "not taking off" and apparently a light had come on in the flight deck showing a problem with the air conditioning system (apparently!) A 1.5hr delay followed where we had to sit on the plane not knowing what was going on. Eventually we departed and arrived an hour late at Manchester.

Thats my report, and thanks for sticking with it and hope you enjoyed it! Overall I thought Emirates were excellent, I was just very unlucky on the return trip but even during the delay Emirates handled the situation very well and sorted out a very nice hotel and food for everyone. Looking back at my flight home I just have to laugh at it all but at the time it was a bit frustrating!

Thanks again for reading my report, any comments or questions are welcome!

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RE: Emirates Trip Report MAN-DXB-BKK

Sun Aug 12, 2001 5:46 pm

Great trip report!!
Unfortunate i agree!!

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RE: Emirates Trip Report MAN-DXB-BKK

Sun Aug 12, 2001 7:31 pm

I noticed that on Emirates 777's, their config is 3-4-3 like you stated. On many other 777's, the config is 2-5-2, or 3-3-3. With Emirates having 10 seats in one row, while others having 9, do you notice a loss of seat width on board Emirates 777's?
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RE: Emirates Trip Report MAN-DXB-BKK

Sun Aug 12, 2001 9:39 pm

Excellent trip report ... although your return trip was not as detailed .... all in all , its very good .
Glad to hear that you enjoyed your holiday .
How was your stay in Dubai ? didnt u find it extremely hot ? Its an amazing city , but u had to stay longer , i could have showed u everything in a day ...
bythe way ,on my Bhx- Dxb route , the food served was exactlyt the same as you Man-Dxb route ..
well , I am expecting to leave dubai at the end of this month , back to Birmingham .
once again , well done on your first trip report  Smile
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RE: Emirates Trip Report MAN-DXB-BKK

Sun Aug 12, 2001 10:05 pm

I just flew EK from BOM-KWI, trip report was posted. I'll be doing the return tommorow. I also think EK is a good airline and I have no hesitation flying them again.

The seats are also not quite up to other carrier's standards. The Business Class seat is not very good. Comfortable but lacking in leg room and I was very disapointed that there was a middle seat in Business. A 2-3-2 configeration. The crew are always smiling and genuinly happy! I enjoyed the outside camera as well.

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RE: Emirates Trip Report MAN-DXB-BKK

Sun Aug 12, 2001 10:22 pm

Cool trip report! My girlfriend flew them recently from Europe to Australia and said the coolest thing were the cameras to watch takeoff. I was quite jealous!
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RE: Emirates Trip Report MAN-DXB-BKK

Mon Aug 13, 2001 3:12 am

Thanks for all the replies. I wasn't planning on writing a trip report for my return trip which is why it lacks in alot of detail as it would just be repeating most of what occured on my outward flight, but seeing as it turned into a drama I thought it needed to be mentioned! I would have liked to have more than 1 day in Dubai as I had planned 2 days in Dubai. Yes, it was very hot!! Too hot infact as I felt like I was burning the moment I went outside.
As for the cabin of the 777, I did feel more cramped than in the A330. Whether this was due to the 3-4-3 config or the fact I was in the middle row i don't know as it was the first time I had flown on either aircraft. Out of the 777-300 and 777-200 I prefered the 300 as on my trip the 200 was obviously older, and starting to show signs of age ie. inflight entertainment not working properly, headphone sockets falling out.

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RE: Emirates Trip Report MAN-DXB-BKK

Mon Aug 13, 2001 8:57 am

Great trip report. Unfortunate about the return leg. But I suppose these things sometimes do happen, event to the best, Emirates!
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RE: Emirates Trip Report MAN-DXB-BKK

Tue Aug 14, 2001 11:00 pm

Great trip report. Thanks for detail.

A quick question - how full were the DXB-BKK, SIN-DXB and DXB-MAN sectors ?

Incidentally, MAN and BKK are some of Emirates' busiest routes - they have been averageing load factors over 90%!

I can relate to a delay similar to yours. I was returning from Jeddah to Dubai in January 2000 when our flight was delayed by 16 hours. The aircraft in question, a spanking new B777-300 (A6-EMN) only 3.5 weeks old had technical probs. Although i checked in and got my boarding pass - Emirates said i could go back home and they would be calling up on when the flight would be. The curteous apt staff did exactly that calling me up saying the flight was rescheduled till the following afternoon. I got an extra day in Jeddah. I thought that was very good customer service.

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RE: Emirates Trip Report MAN-DXB-BKK

Wed Aug 15, 2001 6:00 am

Hi Emirates 777,

To answer your questions, the DXB-BKK route was very full, i didn't notice any spare seats. On this flight I noticed that there was lots of different nationalities. Sitting near me there were English, American, Thai, Chinese and Spanish passengers. As for the SIN-DXB flight, I was told it was totally full whilst I checked in as it was coming in from Melbourne and then continuing to Dubai. The DXB-MAN flight again seemed full (start of the summer holidays in the UK), and I heard that this flight is usually always 90% full anyway. During my delay at Singapore, Emirates allowed any local passengers to return home and then they would call them when the new flight time was confirmed. I think there was only 1 though! They also gave everyone a free 3 minute overseas phone call. One thing that did annoy me was the fact that because we were now in the gate area and had passed through immigration everyone had to again fill in immigration cards just to go to the hotel!! (But it has to be done, just didn't help calm down tired, frustrated pax!) My passport now has about 6 stamps from Singapore! We used out original boarding cards for the flight so I didn't need to check in again as I didnt see the point of collecting my bags for 6hrs sleep in a hotel. Thankfully, my bags weren't forgotton about and were going round the carousel at DXB just as I turned up! All credit to the Emirates staff though, when i eventually got on my flight the service was excellent despite the crew being delayed for a day they were probably the best of the lot, always smiling and seemed to genuinely want to help! By the way, due to my late arrival in Dubai I got upgraded to a 5 star hotel!

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RE: Emirates Trip Report MAN-DXB-BKK

Wed Aug 15, 2001 10:49 pm

777 - the Emirates BKK to Dubai flights have an excellent load factor - seem always full when I fly.

The cameras showing the approach are interesting - not always clear but nice. The PTVs are a big plus!

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RE: Emirates Trip Report MAN-DXB-BKK

Thu Aug 30, 2001 8:51 am

Good trip report, i like lots of detail Big grin

Its fun to write them too isn't it!

I can't wait to visit South-East asia again, Emirates are the cheapest option so i would consider them, and also they seem ok!

Cool stuff about those cameras, maybe they were hoping people wouldn't ask to sit in the jumpseat then!!!


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RE: Emirates Trip Report MAN-DXB-BKK

Thu Aug 30, 2001 3:33 pm


Great trip report! My wife and I flew Emirates from Singapore to Athens in April / May this year, and I agree about the lack of elbow room in economy on Emirates. This, I'm sure, has everything to do with Emirates stuffing 10 passengers abreast on their 777s, instead of 9 as is done on most international carriers.

However, did you notice that Emirates compensates for this by giving economy passengers more legroom? On SQ's 777s, the seat pitch is 32"; whereas on Emirates, it is about 33-34". I did notice the difference, but I think I'd rather have more elbow room, especially on a crowded sector like SIN-DXB.

But I really love the outboard camera views! Fantastic.

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RE: Emirates Trip Report MAN-DXB-BKK

Sat Sep 01, 2001 7:05 am

Yeah, i found the elbow room a little cramped, more noticable on the 777 than the A330. However, the legroom was excellent for economy, even for me!
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