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Delta 767-400-FLL-ATL Flt#230

Thu Aug 30, 2001 5:59 am

I had the opportunity to take my first ride on a 767-400 Monday and I must say it was a lovely trip. The 767-400 is a very spacious aircraft with a smooth take off and landing. I really dug the moving map that showed our position while enroute. I think all airliners should have the adjustable headrests like this aircraft.I don't know how many times I've arrived at a destination with a stiff neck. We encountered thunderstorms in southern Georgia, but the pilot skillfully manuvered around them. The light show was awesome. I wish Delta would fly there new 'spaceships' to BWI, my home airport. Until then I'll have to settle for the 757 & 737-800 as well as the old standby, Southwest.
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