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CVG-ATL Delta 737-800

Sun Sep 23, 2001 9:12 am

July 10th 6:00am
Delta flight 1955

I woke up at 6.00am for my 3 Days Trip to Atlanta, Georgia I'm Packing up
My Laptop and making my last minute Checks Threw the house making shure
I Didnt Forget Anything kind i was Packing of Franticly Because The Early Morning Traffic
in Cincinnati is usely bad.


The Traffic in Cinci wasnt that bad anyway, we park the car in Long term Parking we got
on the Bus to Terminal Three, its about a 8 minute Trip Depending on Traffic.
Terminal 3 is Delta and Comair's Main Terminal at CVG and the Largest Terminal
at CVG, i went up the Escalator to Check in i decided to use Electronic Check in
Since its Quicker. Then we went down the three Floors to Security and the Tram's.
Security was Quick, about a 10 minute wait in line. We Took the Tram to Concourse


Once we get to Gate B9, our 757 is in Delta's "old old" Colors. We had a 10 Minute Wait
Till Boarding Started I was in Seat 35F. The Flight Attenants did there Cross Checks
And Push Back started about 25 minutes after the Cabin Doors were Closed After
Engine startup Delta's Flight Safety Video was started, soon after we were in Line
For Take off Behind a Delta MD-11 Bound For LAX.


We were Cleared For Takeoff, 2 minutes late, take off was a little bit longer than
i expected on a plane this lightly loaded But Climb out was super-fast! so fast i was pushed
back in my seat way after the Take off roll. the flight was Pretty eneventful just some light
turbulence around the Nashville area.


We started Approach about 100 miles from the Atlanta Area we Landed on Runway 27L i think
, Taxi was Slow as it usely is in Atlanta, we Pulled up to gate 13 at Concourse B there were
2 FA, and one Pilot Greeting us off the Plane, Terminal B is Bright and Airy. We went down stares
to the Tram to the Main Terminal woundered around the Terminal and and Huge Atrium
looking for the Westin Phone so we could find the Hotel Buses... The Westin is a Nice Hotel
its were all the Delta F/A and Pilots Stay.

(Part 2 Coming soon!)
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RE: CVG-ATL Delta 737-800

Fri Oct 05, 2001 8:55 am

 Confused Isn't Delta flight 1955 on B757-200? Just thought you mentioned CVG-ATL DL 737-800. Is that correct you flew on B737-800 not B757-200?


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RE: CVG-ATL Delta 757-200!

Wed Oct 10, 2001 7:23 am

its a 757-200 i guess i got side tracked
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